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Environmental and Global Justice

Geog _img1Northumbria is bringing together researchers focusing on justice for people, the planet, and agendas for development that take account of current and future generations. Our work spans a range of areas including criminology, environmental justice, global development and law.

What are the environmental harms and crimes that are threatening people and the planet, and how do we achieve justice?

‘Green crime’ is a major issue within a world that is living with environmental change and global uncertainties. Who defines green crimes and what happens to people who commit them? Is it possible to mitigate their consequences or even prevent them before they happen? How can societies become more resilient in the face of green victimisation? 

We’re addressing all these questions as part of Northumbria University’s ambition to become a world-leading centre for environmental and global justice. As we build a beacon of ground-breaking research, our three main research areas are: human and environmental rights; risk from environmental hazards, crimes and harms in society; and resilience to green victimisation and harms. 

Northumbria is known for international and world-leading academic outputs in the inter-connected disciplines that touch on this overall research theme. Our team has attracted significant funding from sources such as Research Councils UK, the European Union, the Department for International Development, the British Council and the Indian Centre for Migration. 

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