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English Staff


Think studying for an English degree is all about Shakespeare and Jane Austen? - Think again!

At Northumbria our academics passions and interests span far and wide from Bret Easton Ellis’ Less Than Zero to graphic novels such as League of Extraordinary Gentleman and the gripping TV smash Homeland. That’s not to say you won’t find classics by the likes of Shakespeare in your reading list – Senior Lecturer Adam would never allow that – he just prefers to teach it by shaking it up with his module on Shaking up Shakespeare.

If you fancy reading more about or academics then you can check out their profiles or watch the short videos they have filmed talking about their teaching, interests and research below.

 Dr Katherine Baxter
 Dr Victoria Bazin
 Dr Andrew Crumey
 Prof Ian Davidson
 Dr Leigh Wetherall Dickson
 Dr Ann-Marie Einhaus
 Dr Paul Frazer
 Prof Michael Green
 Dr Adam Hansen
 Dr Claudine van Hensbergen
 Prof Allan Ingram
 Dr Kaye Kossick

Dr Kaye Kossick

Senior Lecturer in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century English Literature

 Prof Clark Lawlor
 Dr Kiriaki Massoura
 Dr Claire Nally
 Dr Pete Newbon
 Dr Julie Scanlon
 Dr Fiona Shaw
 Dr Monika Smialkowska
 Richard Stockwell
 Dr Julie Taylor
 Prof David Walker
 Dr Melanie Waters
 Dr Rosie White

Dr Rosie White

Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Literature, Theory and Popular Culture

 Dr Helen Williams
 Dr Tony Williams

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