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Clearing 2024 FAQS

Please note: Details around Clearing for 2024 applicants are subject to change. Please keep checking our site for up-to-date info.

If you are considering clearing, we know you may have some questions. Please explore some of the FAQS below. Or if you have any questions after confirming your place and preparing to join us then please click here.

If you are looking for Information for current Offer Holders ahead of results day please click here.


If you were previously interviewed for a course during the main cycle and were not successful at your interview, you can reapply for the same course via Clearing, providing you meet the academic requirements. You will be required to attend a new online interview. 

Yes, you can reapply for a course you have previously declined, provided you meet the academic entry criteria. 

Yes, you can reapply, and you would not have to be interviewed again if you previously passed your interview in this cycle. You will need to meet the academic entry and any other entrance requirements for the programme.

If you were previously unsuccessful at interview you can reapply, if you meet the academic criteria but you will need to attend an online interview again.

If you have been waiting on GCSE results to meet the conditions of your offer, simply upload them to the applicant portal and we will be in touch as soon as possible to provide an update.

If you need any further assistance, call our Clearing hotline: 0800 085 1085.

If the qualification does not carry tariff points, we may still be able to consider you for a place, depending on what the qualification is. This may be, for example, an international qualification, international A Levels, or equivalent. Please use our online clearing application form to apply. There you will be able to upload copies of your results - our team can review them and let you know if they are acceptable.

Yes, if our top up degree programmes have vacancies you will be able to apply via Clearing. These courses do not accept tariff points. You will typically need a HND/Foundation Degree for a top course and evidence of previous degree level study for advanced entry.


Whenever you call Northumbria’s clearing hotline, you will be speaking to Northumbria staff based in Newcastle.  

Our staff work year-round in a multitude of areas across the University and many of them have even studied here too. We’ll be the best people to ask questions if you have any. 

Clearing finishes when the University spaces are all filled. This can be different for every University but is typically in September or October. 

We take data privacy very seriously so when discussing your details, we need to hear from you. If you provide consent beforehand (or have a nominated contact listed on your UCAS form), we can speak to others on your behalf, however you may be required to confirm any personal details throughout the call. 

If you are unable to call, you can use our online clearing referral form to apply for a place. Alternatively, you can provide consent in advance, via email, to allow us to discuss your clearing application with a nominated contact.


We accept all Level 3 Qualifications that carry UCAS tariff points. You can find out more information on our website here, or on

If you need any further assistance, call our Clearing hotline: 0800 085 1085

You will need to contact your school or college to make any arrangements in relation to finding out what results you have obtained; the university cannot give you these.  

If you need to apply for a course via clearing and are unable to call the hotline due to being on holiday, you can also use our online clearing referral form to apply for a place.

This will depend on the course you are applying for and the other qualifications you hold. We would recommend you contact us to discuss your options.

This will depend on your previous qualifications, the course you are applying for and what industry experience you have obtained. In these circumstances, we recommend that you email the admissions team in advance, detailing the industry experience you have. You can do this at

For applicants who have applied in the main cycle you can find the process for informing us of any extenuating circumstances via your school or college. 

We would not typically take into account any extenuating circumstances as part of the clearing process, as we would expect these to have been raised with your school/college as part of the exam/appeal process. We are however, always happy to discuss individual circumstances via the clearing hotline, or email.

If you have received an offer through clearing but have a question about the offer, you can find further advice here.

If your questions are not answered, you can call our Clearing Hotline on 0800 085 1085 and our advisors will be happy to help.


We recommend that you register yourself with our Student Accessibility Team as soon as possible. Some support mechanisms require assessments and equipment which can take a while to process. Therefore, it is important that you register with the team early and maintain contact with your funding body and Accessibility Adviser throughout the process, responding quickly when you are required to do something.

If your circumstances have changed but you have already registered yourself with our student support services, you will need to let your accessibility advisor and funding body know as soon as possible.

If you accept a place at university through Clearing, you will need to sign into your student finance account and let them know of any changes. 

You can do this even before UCAS updates.

Once you make the necessary changes, it can take 6 to 8 weeks for the Student Loan Company to process and apply them to your entitlement. 

If your course starts before this, they may be able to award you the minimum Maintenance Loan amount before the course begins. 

When your full entitlement is calculated, you should begin to receive the difference right away. 

If your course and/or university will be different from those you entered on your Student Finance application, you should update your student finance account online at as soon as you accept the new offer. 

On your Student Finance England account, you should see a “make changes to your application”. Alternatively, you can phone your funding provider to discuss and queries.

To apply for Student Finance, you will need to submit your details and documents. This includes a form of identification, proof of household income, and more. 

For more information: 

Northumbria University has partnered with Blackbullion, which is a practical, financial education platform to help you: 

  • Develop your money skills and confidence 
  • Maximise your opportunities 
  • Start growing your financial wellbeing 

Create your free account here to access the resources and ensure you select that you are applying to study at Northumbria University. 

We have a special guide dedicate to safe financing as a student, including information about avoiding student loan scams. Find out more here

Similarly, if you would like to start learning about budgeting and staying on top of your student finances, you can read our helpful guide here.

The team will start allocating rooms from Thursday 15th August and hope to get offers out as soon as possible. 

Firstly, please review the information, photographs, and videos that we have online by clicking this link. Whether you can view the accommodation will depend on any restrictions that may be in place at the time. Please call us on 0191 227 4201 to discuss any options that may be available to you. 

No, your booking should still be on your account however if you get an email to say that your booking has been released, please get in touch with us straight away on 0191 227 4201

If you've been sent an offer, you can complete your booking online via your student portal under the accommodation section. If you're currently on the waiting list, then the accommodation team will be sending offers out from Thursday 15th August. 

We require a £250 advanced rent payment to secure your accommodation, which will be deducted from your rent. 

No but if you get an email from the accommodation team to say differently, please give them a call on 0191 227 4201 straight away.

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