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Graduate Enterprise: Rosie Bath (BA (Hons) Fashion Design & Marketing, 2018) - Cera Cotton

After graduating from the BA (Hons) Fashion Design & Marketing degree course at Northumbria in 2018, Rosie took her design and sewing skills to the film industry where she worked as a Costume Maker for four years. Whilst working on films such as ‘No Time to Die’ and ‘The Little Mermaid’, she had the idea for using wax cotton as a water-resistant fabric alternative to plastic homewares. Through her passion for sustainability, design and innovation, Cera Cotton, which translates to ‘Wax Cotton’ in Latin, was born.Cera Cotton

Rosie chose to return to the North East in 2022, knowing there would be support from the Northumbria Graduate Enterprise Scheme, speaking of this support she says:

“Help from the team has been hugely beneficial for the launch and growth of the company. Through workshops, one to one’s with industry experts and access to the ‘Incubator’ space, I feel privileged to still be a part of the university. I would highly recommend any alumni looking to start a business to seek support from the team.”

Since the August launch, Cera Cotton products have been sold in independent shops, Boots and Harvey Nichols, as well as being available on their website. Plans for the future include releasing new products and growing the online presence, all whilst keeping the business based in the North-East.

Cera Cotton is offering fellow graduates 20% off, with the code Northumbria20 until 31 March 2023.

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