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Viktorija - Hertford Scholarship recipient

Name: Viktorija Zubaite

Course: Marketing BA

Scholarship: Hertford Scholarship

What was it about Northumbria University that made you want to study here?

The reviews, and university/course ratings.

Did you face any barriers to Higher Education, and how has the scholarship helped overcome these barriers?

Money was the only reason that made me doubt university. I even dropped out from university in 2017 when I came here to study architecture because I couldn’t afford university and to live (course wasn’t what I really wanted to do, however, I know that if money was not an issue I would have never dropped out). Being awarded the scholarship gave me a confidence boost and financial support. I was able to get a laptop which I use every day for my studies. I felt appreciated and noticed.

What is it like studying at Northumbria?

I love my course and extra curriculum activities. My course involves a placement year, which is what I am doing right now. The placement is the best part of the course as I get to put what I have learned to practice. I like that university is in the city centre of Newcastle and everything is at walking distance. Also, Newcastle is the best city for students which is great as there are many young people.

Are you in any societies?

I am the president of salsa and bachata society. There I was just shortlisted by members to win the president of the year award in the activities awards. Society is one of the best parts of my university experience as I created a family, and it brings me so much joy seeing how everyone are making friends and learning a new skill (Latin dancing) and all of this is just because of society that I am running.

What are your future goals?

My goal is to graduate with the 1st degree and set the high standards for my future generations as I’m the first generation in my family to go to university. I want to get a career in social media involving a lot of travelling and meeting people from other cultures. And one day I want to be able to become a donor of the scholarship and sponsor other students and let them to reach their full potential.

If you could give advice to somebody considering university, what would it be?

To go to university and be involved in everything. I am on placement, also am a president of the society, I was just elected the new lead representative of activities and employability in the Business and Law faculty, and I am going on Northumbria’s summer short programme in Mexico in June. University can open the door to so many great opportunities. I understand higher education is not for everybody but if deciding to go on this path then people should take the advantage of the opportunities that university provides.




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