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University Statement on Students in the Community

We, as a University, are aware of the need for our students to respect their neighbours as well as others in the local community. Through our strong relationship with the Northumbria Students’ Union, we promote the need for our students to act in a responsible manner at all times where they live throughout their time at University.

Northumbria’s students already play a key role in the community; from volunteering and raising money for good causes to offering their business expertise to help local SMEs and charities as part of our Business Clinic. It is important to remember that the majority of our students pass through the University and the City without causing problems to the wider population.

We will continue to work with partners across Newcastle to uphold and promote this type of responsible behaviour.

Unfortunately, despite all best efforts, occasionally anti-social behaviour may still occur. When we receive complaints about our students, we will always investigate the matter, which includes contacting the students to talk about the complaint that has been made against them and where appropriate warn them about their future conduct. If the disturbance continues, the matter will be handled in line with the University’s wider disciplinary measures. On certain programmes of study, carrying additional social responsibility obligations, there may be implications for continuing on that programme.

It is our feeling that a relationship based on prevention and education, rather than a simple ‘transactional/punitive’ one, is much more effective. The evidence available to the University, in the form of total numbers of complaints and the number of repeat complaints, supports this analysis.

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