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Key Publications

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  • How do job insecurity and perceived well-being affect expatriate employees’ willingness to share or hide knowledge?, Ali, M., Ali, I., Albort-Morant, G., Leal-Rodríguez, A. 1 Mar 2021, In: International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal
  • How international SME's vicarious learning may improve their performance? The role of absorptive capacity, strength of ties with local SMEs, and their prior success experiences, Ali, I., Ali, M., Salam, M., Bhatti, Z., Arain, G., Burhan, M. Jul 2020, In: Industrial Marketing Management
  • HRM formality differences in Pakistani SMEs: A three sector comparative study, Burhan, M., Swailes, S., Hameed, Z., Ali, I. 1 Jul 2020, In: Employee Relations
  • The moderating effect of supervisor–subordinate guanxi on the relationship between transformational leadership and organizational effectiveness, Ali, M., Sheikh, A., Ali, I., Jinji, P., Sumbal, M. 2 Apr 2020, In: Journal of East-West Business
  • The moderating role of corporate reputation and employee-company identification on the work-related outcomes of job insecurity resulting from workforce localization policies, Ali, I., Ali, M., Grigore, G., Molesworth, M., Jin, Z. Sep 2020, In: Journal of Business Research
  • Personality traits, individual innovativeness and satisfaction with life, Ali, I. Jan 2019, In: Journal of Innovation and Knowledge
  • Symmetric and asymmetric modeling of entrepreneurial ecosystem in developing entrepreneurial intentions among female university students in Saudi Arabia, Ali, I., Ali, M., Badghish, S. 7 Nov 2019, In: International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship
  • The role of knowledge spillovers and cultural intelligence in enhancing expatriate employees' individual and team creativity, Ali, I., Ali, M., Leal-Rodríguez, A., Albort-Morant, G. Aug 2019, In: Journal of Business Research
  • Examining the Role of Childhood Experiences in Developing Altruistic and Knowledge Sharing Behaviors among Children in Their Later Life: A Partial Least Squares (PLS) Path Modeling Approach, Ali, I., Ali, M., Badghish, S., Baazeem, T. 23 Jan 2018, In: Sustainability
  • Impact of knowledge sharing and absorptive capacity on project performance: the moderating role of social processes, Ali, I., Musawir, A., Ali, M. 12 Mar 2018, In: Journal of Knowledge Management


Management Science PhD June 24 2014

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