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Key Publications

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  • A liquid profession, Bowman, S., Hendy, J. 2 Aug 2019, In: Public Relations Inquiry
  • Managing organisational hubris through purpose, Bowman, S., Walker, G. 5 Jul 2019, Bledcom 2019
  • Nonmarket marketers, Bowman, S. 4 Jul 2019, 52nd Academy of Marketing Conference
  • The death of a course, Bowman, S., Smith, C. 19 Feb 2019, In: Perspectives: Policy and Practice in Higher Education
  • Public Relations and the Power of Creativity, Bowman, S., Crookes, A., Ihlen, O., Romenti, S. 4 Oct 2018
  • Visual Public Relations, Collister, S., Roberts-Bowman, S. 5 Apr 2018
  • Public Affairs practitioners – a case of mulitple identities and cultural hybridity, Bowman, S. 29 Sep 2016, European Public Relations Education and Research Congress 2016
  • Public Relations and Communications, Roberts-Bowman, S. 20 May 2016, The Public Relations Handbook, Oxford and New York, Routledge
  • What is Public Relations?, Roberts-Bowman, S. 20 May 2016, The Public Relations Handbook, London, Taylor & Francis
  • Visual Communication and Organisational Change, Bowman, S. 1 Oct 2015, European Public Relations and Education Research Conference Annual Congress 2015


Philosophy PhD August 04 2017

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