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I am a historian interested in Islamic West Africa in the Early Modern and Modern period. In particular, I focus on State practices, diplomacy and circulations in Central Sahel, with a special focus on the Borno sultanate from the late medieval to the 19th century. In the past years, I worked on the relation between writing and power in Islamic Africa, and on the relation between migration and technologies related to firearms in the Islamic World.

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  • Migration and Innovation in Early Modern Islamic Societies: The case for Firearms, Dewiere, R. 1 May 2023, In: History Compass
  • Refugees in Africa (1490-1820), Dewiere, R. 1 Jun 2023, The Cambridge History of Global Migrations, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press
  • The Slave and the Scholar: Representing Africa in the World from Early Modern Tripoli to Borno (N. Nigeria), Dewiere, R. 24 Mar 2023, In: Journal of Early Modern History
  • A city before Mecca: Cairo and the hajj of Kanem and Borno pilgrims (12th-17th c.), Dewiere, R. 1 Mar 2022, An African metropolis, Leiden, Brill
  • Tombouctou, 1591: À la croisée des migrations en Afrique, Dewiere, R. 17 Dec 2022, In: Diasporas
  • Looking for the lost norm: The power letters of Borno (1823-1918), Dewiere, R. 1 Aug 2021, In: Quaderni Storici
  • Ressusciter l’archive. Reconstruction et histoire d’une lettre mamelouke pour le sultan du Takrūr (1440), Dewiere, R. 20 Oct 2020, In: Annales Islamologiques

History PhD June 01 2015

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