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Cerian’s research interests lie in all aspects of financial crime and the wider criminal justice system, including evidence and trial procedure from the eighteenth century to the modern day. Cerian is particularly interested in the prosecution of financial crime, both historically and contemporary offences such as insider dealing and fraud against the NHS.

Cerian has established a strong research profile, publishing in the field of legal history on topics including the introduction of counsel to criminal trials and the legal profession. Cerian has also published on contemporary criminal doctrine and issues in contemporary criminal procedure including disclosure. Cerian has presented nationally and internationally on the prosecution of fraud in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Cerian has maintained a close connection with legal practice and is passionate about research impact and knowledge exchange, as demonstrated by her position as the national expert (UK including Gibraltar) on a DG FISMA commissioned project examining national compliance with EU financial sector Directives (specifically, the 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive).

Cerian’s forthcoming publications concern the prosecution of fraud and financial crime from the eighteenth century to the modern day. Cerian’s research is deeply inter-disciplinary, incorporating historical research with more traditional legal historical topics such as the doctrinal underpinnings of financial crime. 

Cerian is equally interested in modern-day financial crime and is leading a research project on responses to fraud within the NHS. Cerian is also currently writing and researching on criminal disclosure and the use of intercept evidence in criminal trials.

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Cormac McCarthy 'Why White Collar Crime Undermines Society. Where are the prosecutors ? ' Start Date: 13/09/2021

  • Not Specified PhD December 01 2017
  • Fellow (FHEA) Higher Education Academy (HEA) 2020

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