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Dr Emma Hocking

Associate Professor

Department: Geography and Environmental Sciences

Emma Hocking

Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

My research focuses on reconstructing relative sea level and environmental change on Holocene timescales. I work in a variety of environments, including tidal marshes, isolation basins, lakes, peatlands, raised beaches, and use a combination of sedimentology, microfossil (diatom) and geochronological methods for reconstructing past environments. Currently I am working on a range of research projects across the world, tied together by the methodological approach of using diatom analysis. These include reconstruction of great earthquake and tsunami history in south-central Chile, postglacial relative sea-level change in Arctic Russia, and reconstructing past human impacts on neotropical landscapes including the Brazilian savannah and Amazonia. 

Key Publications

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Mid-Piacenzian variability of Nordic Seas surface circulation linked to terrestrial climatic change in Norway, Panitz, S., De Schepper, S., Salzmann, U., Bachem, P., Risebrobakken, B., Clotten, C., Hocking, E. 4 Dec 2017, In: Paleoceanography
  • Modern diatom assemblages from Chilean tidal marshes and their application for quantifying deformation during past great earthquakes, Hocking, E., Garrett, E., Cisternas, M. Apr 2017, In: Journal of Quaternary Science
  • Past penguin colony responses to explosive volcanism on the Antarctic Peninsula, Roberts, S., Monien, P., Foster, L., Loftfield, J., Hocking, E., Schnetger, B., Pearson, E., Juggins, S., Fretwell, P., Ireland, L., Ochyra, R., Haworth, A., Allen, C., Moreton, S., Davies, S., Brumsack, H., Bentley, M., Hodgson, D. 11 Apr 2017, In: Nature Communications
  • Reconstructing paleoseismic deformation, 2: 1000 years of great earthquakes at Chucalén, south central Chile, Garrett, E., Shennan, I., Woodroffe, S., Cisternas, M., Hocking, E., Gulliver, P. 1 Apr 2015, In: Quaternary Science Reviews
  • A community-based geological reconstruction of Antarctic Ice Sheet deglaciation since the Last Glacial Maximum, Bentley, M., Ó Cofaigh, C., Anderson, J., Conway, H., Davies, B., Graham, A., Hillenbrand, C., Hodgson, D., Jamieson, S., Larter, R., Mackintosh, A., Smith, J., Verleyen, E., Ackert, R., Bart, P., Berg, S., Brunstein, D., Canals, M., Colhoun, E., Crosta, X., Dickens, W., Domack, E., Dowdeswell, J., Dunbar, R., Ehrmann, W., Evans, J., Favier, V., Fink, D., Fogwill, C., Glasser, N., Gohl, K., Golledge, N., Goodwin, I., Gore, D., Greenwood, S., Hall, B., Hall, K., Hedding, D., Hein, A., Hocking, E., Jakobsson, M., Johnson, J., Jomelli, V., Jones, R., Klages, J., Kristoffersen, Y., Kuhn, G., Leventer, A., Licht, K., Lilly, K., Lindow, J., Livingstone, S., Masse, G., McGlone, M., McKay, R., Melles, M., Miura, H., Mulvaney, R., Nel, W., Nitsche, F., O'Brien, P., Post, A., Roberts, S., Saunders, K., Selkirk, P., Simms, A., Spiegel, C., Stolldorf, T., Sugden, D., van der Putten, N., van Ommen, T., Verfaillie, D., Vyverman, W., Wagner, B., White, D., Witus, A., Zwartz, D. 15 Sep 2014, In: Quaternary Science Reviews
  • Great tsunamigenic earthquakes during the past 1000 years in the Alaska megathrust, Shennan, I., Barlow, N., Carver, G., Davies, F., Garrett, E., Hocking, E. 1 Aug 2014, In: Geology
  • Late Holocene great earthquakes in the eastern part of the Aleutian megathrust, Shennan, I., Bruhn, R., Barlow, N., Good, K., Hocking, E. 15 Jan 2014, In: Quaternary Science Reviews
  • Reconstruction of ice-sheet changes in the Antarctic Peninsula since the Last Glacial Maximum, Ó Cofaigh, C., Davies, B., Livingstone, S., Smith, J., Johnson, J., Hocking, E., Hodgson, D., Anderson, J., Bentley, M., Canals, M., Domack, E., Dowdeswell, J., Evans, J., Glasser, N., Hillenbrand, C., Larter, R., Roberts, S., Simms, A. 15 Sep 2014, In: Quaternary Science Reviews
  • Reconstructing paleoseismic deformation, 1: modern analogues from the 1960 and 2010 Chilean great earthquakes, Garrett, E., Shennan, I., Watcham, E., Woodroffe, S. 1 Sep 2013, In: Quaternary Science Reviews
  • Scale considerations in using diatoms as indicators of sea-level change: lessons from Alaska, Watcham, E., Shennan, I., Barlow, N. Feb 2013, In: Journal of Quaternary Science

PGR Supervision

Sefa Sahin Reconstructing Historical Earthquakes and Sea-Level Change in South-Central Chile from Tidal Marshes and Uplifted Beaches Start Date: 22/01/2017


  • Geography PhD June 30 2010
  • Geography Studies (Science) MSc August 31 2006
  • Geography BSc (Hons) June 30 2005
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy FHEA

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