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Dr Martyn Hudson

Lecturer in Art and Design History

Department: Arts

Martyn is an Applied Sociologist of Art and Design and a Critical Theorist whose primary research interests lie in Sound Art, Cultural Landscapes, Classical Origins of Critical Theory and Aesthetics, Socially Engaged Practice with Communities and Design-led methodologies. He is currently the Editor for the new ‘Visual Modernities’ series from Routledge and is laying the groundwork for that series in his next monograph ‘Visualising the Empire of Capital’ (Routledge 2020).

His research lies in three broad streams of work. Firstly, in social and aesthetic theory and specifically Frankfurt School Critical Theory and 20th century Continental Philosophies of art and fabrication particularly as this relates to exile and the idea of refuge. Secondly, in ethnographies of arts practice including rural arts and ecological design, curatorial praxis, experimental design in studio and gallery spaces, and the social production of sculpture and sound art. Thirdly, in classical studies and the ancient world and understandings of design, sculpture and art in antiquity and their impact on contemporary making. He has over thirty peer-reviewed books, journal articles and conference papers.


PHD in Sociology

BSc (Hons) First Class, Applied Sociology

Research Themes & Scholarly Interests

He has written a series of books for Routledge and has previously taught or researched at the University of Surrey, Kingston University and Newcastle University. He is on the editorial board of Sociological Research Online and has worked closely with arts and human rights organisations nationally and internationally. He was the co-founder of the Merz North group dedicated to scholarly work on Kurt Schwitters in the north of England and project-managed the AHRC-funded Co-Curate North East research group at Newcastle University. He was a Research Associate in the Northumbrian Exchanges programme at Newcastle also funded by the AHRC. He was researcher in residence at the NewBridge Project from 2016-2017 funded by the Newcastle Institute for Creative Arts Practice. He has published in journals such as Rethinking History, Landscapes, Organised Sound, Leonardo Music Journal, Journal of Arts and Communities, Journal of Interactive Media in Education, Online Educational Research Journal, HZ Journal, Race and Class, St Antony's International Review, Youth and Policy and Sociological Research Online.

Professional Activity

Design in social and historical context, Cultural theory and philosophy, Cultural management of galleries, festivals and conferences, Creative Industries and Creative Economy.

Sponsors and Collaborators

Littoral Arts, Music Action International, Co-Curate North East, TESTT

Current/Recent Projects

2016-2017         Researcher in Residence, NewBridge Project (NICAP)

2014-2016         Project manager, Co-Curate North East, Newcastle University (AHRC)

2013-2014         Research Associate, Northumbrian Exchanges, Newcastle University (AHRC)

2014-2016         Policy and evaluation advisor, Music Action International (National Youth Music)

Key Publications/Outputs


Hudson, M.(2016) The Slave Ship, Memory and the Origin of Modernity, London: Routledge.

Hudson, M.(2017) Species and Machines: The Human Subjugation of Nature, London: Routledge.

Hudson, M.(2017) Ghosts, Landscapes and Social Memory, London: Routledge.

Hudson, M. (2017) Centaurs, Rioting in Thessaly: Memory and the Classical World, New York: Punctum Books.

Hudson, M.(2018) Critical Theory and the Classical World,  London: Routledge.

Hudson, M.(2020) Visualising the Empire of Capital, London: Routledge.

Journal Articles and Chapters

Hudson, M.(2015) ‘Archive, Sound and Landscape in Richard Skelton's Landings Sequence’, Landscapes, 16(1), 1-16.

Hudson, M.(2015) ‘Schwitters’ Ursonate and the Merz Barn Wall’, Leonardo Music Journal 25, 89-92.

Cotterill, S., Hudson, M., Lloyd, K., Outterside, J., Peterson, J., Coburn, J., Thomas, U., Tiplady, L., Robinson, P. and Heslop, P. (2016) ‘Co-curate: Working with Schools and Communities to Add Value to Open Collections’, Journal of Interactive Media in Education, X(X): X, pp. 1–9, DOI:

Hudson, M., Painter, J. and Lewis, S.(2018) ‘Revealing a ‘Hidden Civil War’: A Serendipitous Methodology’, in Plows, A.(Ed.) Messy Ethnographies for Messy Social Realities, Vernon Press:Delaware.

Hudson, M. and Shaw, T.(2015) ‘Dead Logics and Worlds: Sound art and sonorous objects’, Organised Sound, 20(2), 263-272.

Hudson, M.(2000) ‘The Clerk of the Foresters Records: John Berger, the Dead, and the Writing of History’, Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice, 4(3), 261-279.

Hudson, M.(2013) ‘Knowledge Exchange and the university as archive and intellect’, Online Educational Research Journal, 4(4), 1-16.

Hudson, M., Crawshaw, J. and Rowe, F.(2015) ‘Translations in Practice: the multiple roles of the researcher in arts-based knowledge exchange’, Journal of Arts and Communities, 7:1, 101-115.

Hudson, M.(2014) ‘Jean Mohr: photography on the world's edge’, Race and Class, 55(3), 79-85.

Hudson, M.(2014) ‘Music Collectives’, In Bill Thompson (ed.) Music in the Social and Behavioral Sciences: An Encyclopedia, London: Sage.

Hudson M.(2014) ‘Intentionality’, In Bill Thompson (ed.) Music in the Social and Behavioral Sciences: An Encyclopedia, London: Sage.

Hudson, M.(2017) ‘Sociology of Sound’, In Michael Bull (ed.) Routledge Sound Studies Companion, London:Routledge, forthcoming.

Hudson, M.(2013) ‘Five African American spirituals and Michael Tippett's 'A Child of Our Time'’, Race & Class, 54(2), 75-81.

Hudson, M.(2014) ‘What, am I hearing light?: Listening through Jean-Luc Nancy,’ HZ Journal, 19, 1-8..

Hudson, M.(2015) ‘Desire Lines: Open Educational Collections, Memory and the Social Machine’, Online Educational Research Journal, 6(5), 1-20.

Hudson, M.(2002) ‘On the dead of world history’, Race and Class, 43(4), 26-33.

Hudson, M.(2013) ‘The Spiral Plait: Integration, Arts and Migrant Women’, St Antony's International Review, 9(1), 92-107.

Hudson, M.(2013) ‘Integration and identity in refugee youth work’, Youth and Policy, 112, 44-55.

Hudson, M. (2014) ‘Music, Knowledge and the Sociology of Sound’, Sociological Research Online 19(4), 1-16.

Hudson, M.(2018 forthcoming) ‘The Holgate Workhouse: Designing a Disciplinary Regime, 1875-1930’, Cleveland History, 112.


PGR Supervision

Creative Practice, Cultural Theory and Management, Critical Theory, Arts Ethnography, Theorising Design

Campus Address

Squires Building 401A
City Campus
Newcastle upon Tyne

0191 227 5087


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