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Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

My research focuses on the interaction between the Earth’s ice sheets and oceans, with a particular emphasis on Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.  There the interaction between ice and ocean occurs mainly beneath the vast floating ice shelves.  I have undertaken fieldwork, both on the ice and aboard ships from which I have deployed autonomous submarines to make observations beneath the ice.  I have also developed numerical models of the critical processes, ranging from relatively simple one-dimensional models to complex Earth System Models.  The ultimate aim of my work is to understand how the ocean drives change in the ice sheet and how that will impact global climate and sea level in the future.

Key Publications

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  • Recent acceleration of Denman Glacier (1972–2017), East Antarctica, driven by grounding line retreat and changes in ice tongue configuration, Miles, B., Jordan, J., Stokes, C., Jamieson, S., Gudmundsson, H., Jenkins, A. 11 Feb 2021, In: Cryosphere
  • Remote control of Filchner‐Ronne Ice Shelf melt rates by the Antarctic Slope Current, Bull, C., Jenkins, A., Jourdain, N., Vaňková, I., Holland, P., Mathiot, P., Hausmann, U., Sallée, J. Feb 2021, In: Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans
  • Topography generation by melting and freezing in a turbulent shear flow, Couston, L., Hester, E., Favier, B., Taylor, J., Holland, P., Jenkins, A. 25 Mar 2021, In: Journal of Fluid Mechanics
  • Two-timescale response of a large Antarctic ice shelf to climate change, Naughten, K., De Rydt, J., Rosier, S., Jenkins, A., Holland, P., Ridley, J. 31 Mar 2021, In: Nature Communications
  • Control of the Oceanic Heat Content of the Getz‐Dotson Trough, Antarctica, by the Amundsen Sea Low, Dotto, T., Naveira Garabato, A., Wåhlin, A., Bacon, S., Holland, P., Kimura, S., Tsamados, M., Herraiz‐Borreguero, L., Kalén, O., Jenkins, A. 18 Aug 2020, In: Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans
  • Ice front blocking of ocean heat transport to an Antarctic ice shelf, Wåhlin, A., Steiger, N., Darelius, E., Assmann, K., Glessmer, M., Ha, H., Herraiz-Borreguero, L., Heuzé, C., Jenkins, A., Kim, T., Mazur, A., Sommeria, J., Viboud, S. 27 Feb 2020, In: Nature
  • Intermittent structural weakening and acceleration of the Thwaites Glacier Tongue between 2000 and 2018, Miles, B., Stokes, C., Jenkins, A., Jordan, J., Jamieson, S., Gudmundsson, H. 1 Jun 2020, In: Journal of Glaciology
  • Modeling the vertical structure of the ice shelf–ocean boundary current under supercooled condition with suspended frazil ice processes: A case study underneath the Amery Ice Shelf, East Antarctica, Cheng, C., Jenkins, A., Wang, Z., Liu, C. 1 Dec 2020, In: Ocean Modelling
  • The Impact of the Amundsen Sea Freshwater Balance on Ocean Melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, Bett, D., Holland, P., Naveira Garabato, A., Jenkins, A., Dutrieux, P., Kimura, S., Fleming, A. Sep 2020, In: Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans
  • An analytical derivation of ice-shelf basal melt based on the dynamics of meltwater plumes, Lazeroms, W., Jenkins, A., Rienstra, S., Van De Wal, R. 1 Apr 2019, In: Journal of Physical Oceanography

PGR Supervision

Emma White Ocean Circulation and Ice Shelf Melting in the Bellingshausen Sea, Antarctica Start Date: 01/10/2020


  • PhD August 31 1992
  • Member International Glaciological Society (IGS) 1985

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