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Jana's doctoral project explored the socio-legal structures and power dynamics that affect the perception, prosecution, and penalisation of marital rape in Croatia. Drawing on in-depth interviews with a diverse range of professional actors – including lawyers, judges, prosecutors, social workers, coordinators of feminist NGOs, women’s shelters’ workers, psychologists, journalists, and academics – and the first-hand observation of a rape trial, her thesis developed new insights into the legal, political and social implications of marital rape in a post-conflict, post-socialist context. 

She has presented her research at more than a dozen local and international conferences. She is currently developing publications exploring the specific broader aspect of the state's responses to domestic and sexual violence. This includes problematising carceral responses and feminist carceral activism; mapping the devastation of the social welfare system following the privatisation process in Croatia and the increasing demands on the CSO and SWC to prevent domestic violence; and the erosion of the progressive socialist legacy of community responses and solidarity in former Yugoslavia.

Her research interests also include gender-based violence, the political economy of violence, mainstream feminist activism against sexual violence, decolonial feminism, anti-carceral feminism, and queer Marxism.

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  • Social Work and Domestic Violence in Croatia Through a Gendered Lens: Between Power and Precarity: Socijalni rad i obiteljsko nasilje u Hrvatskoj kroz orođeni pogled: između moći i prekarijata, Kujundzic, J. 31 Jan 2023, In: Croatian Sociological Review
  • Sexual Violence and New Forms of Religious Traditionalism in the Croatian Post-Conflict Context, Kujundzic, J. 13 Sep 2019, In: Facta Universitatis, Series: Law and Politics
  • Silovanje u braku kao politička ekonomija nasilja, Kujundzic, J. 9 Mar 2023, Radovi sa znanstvenog skupa „Marija Jurić Zagorka – život, djelo, naslijeđe / Rizici i resursi: rod i politika raspodjele“ , Zagreb, Croatia, Zagreb: Centre for Women's Studies
  • Security technology and domestic abuse prevention: offering solutions or creating new problems?, Rowlands, D., Kujundzic, J., Brennan, I., O'Leary, N. 3 Mar 2023
  • Ankica Čakardić: Sablasti tranzicije. Socijalna historija kapitalizma, Kujundzic, J. 31 Dec 2020, In: Croatian Sociological Review

  • Criminology PhD March 23 2022
  • Women's Studies MA June 20 2014
  • Sociology MA July 26 2013
  • Philosophy BA July 20 2011

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