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  • Commentary on “Three-Way ROCs for Forensic Decision Making” by Nicholas Scurich and Richard S. John (in: Statistics and Public Policy), Biedermann, A., Kotsoglou, K. Jan 2024, In: Statistics and Public Policy
  • Non Crime Hate Incidents: Private Language or Reasonable Foreseeability?, Kotsoglou, K. 6 Dec 2023, In: Criminal Law Review
  • The Forbidden Chains of Probabilistic Reasoning: R v Ben Belhaj-Farhat [2022] EWCA Crim 115, Kotsoglou, K. 1 Apr 2023, In: The Journal of Criminal Law
  • The Specific Evidence Rule: Reference Classes – Individuals – Personal Autonomy, Kotsoglou, K. 2023, In: Quaestio facti
  • Inroads into the Ultimate Issue Rule? Structural Elements of Communication between Experts and Fact-Finders, Kotsoglou, K., Biedermann, A. 1 Aug 2022, In: The Journal of Criminal Law
  • Law & Technology: Should Legal Officials be The Long Arm of the Algorithm?, Kotsoglou, K. 30 Mar 2022
  • The Lectern and the Pulpit: Mind the Gap!, Kotsoglou, K., Cadore, R. 2022
  • (Un-)Interpretability in Expert Evidence: An Inquiry into the Frontiers of Evidential Assessment, Biedermann, A., Kotsoglou, K. 2022, In: Quaestio facti
  • Are lie detector tests for terrorists really a good idea?, Kotsoglou, K., Oswald, M. 24 Feb 2021
  • Capturing Debate Dynamics: Complexity Theory and Emergent Learning in Legal Education, Kotsoglou, K. 2021, In: International Journal of Complexity in Education

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Organising a conference, workshop, ...: The polygraph in UK criminal justice: past, present and future 2021
  • Oral presentation: 2 Papers presented in criminal justice and predictive analytics panel 2020
  • Oral presentation: Zombie technology in the twilight zone: Why polygraphs refuse to die 2020

Poloko Hiri The inappropriate ways through which forensic expert witnesses invite jurors to cede their decision-making authority in criminal jury trials, and the role that lawyers and judges play in encouraging or discouraging this. Start Date: 17/05/2021 End Date: 17/05/2021

  • Law PhD July 08 2014
  • Fellow (FHEA) Higher Education Academy (HEA) 2018

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