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  • Proactive personality: A bibliographic review of research trends and publications, Din, S., Khan, M., Farid, H., Rodrigo, P. 1 Apr 2023, In: Personality and Individual Differences
  • A cross-national investigation of psychological factors of donor behavior: the case of university endowment funds, Khan, M., Ashraf, R., Baazeem, T. 14 Mar 2022, In: Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education
  • Knowledge creation dynamics of technological forecasting and social change special issues, Ashraf, R., Khan, M., Khuhro, R., Bhatti, Z. 1 Jul 2022, In: Technological Forecasting and Social Change
  • Higher-Order Utilitarian and Symbolic Antecedents of Brand Love and Consumers’ Behavioral Consequences for Smartphones, Khan, M., Zulqarnain, M., Bhatti, Z., Raza, A. 3 Jul 2021, In: Journal of Relationship Marketing
  • The role of integrated offline/online social activity and social identification in Facebook citizenship behaviour formation, Bhatti, Z., Arain, G., Yasin, H., Khan, M., Akram, M. 19 Aug 2021, In: Information Technology & People
  • Value of special issues in the journal of business research: A bibliometric analysis, Khan, M., Pattnaik, D., Ashraf, R., Ali, I., Kumar, S., Donthu, N. 1 Mar 2021, In: Journal of Business Research
  • A Bibliometric Review of the Special Issues of Psychology & Marketing: 1984‐2020, Khan, M., Ali, I., Ashraf, R. 3 Sep 2020, In: Psychology and Marketing
  • Consumer involvement with corporate ads vs product ads: a cross-national study, Ashraf, R., Albert, N., Merunka, D., Khan, M. 27 Jan 2020, In: Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics
  • Haleeb: Rejuvenating the Market Leader of the Past, Usman, U., Ashraf, R., Khan, M. 9 May 2020, In: Asian Journal of Management Cases
  • Do identity-based perceptions lead to brand avoidance? A cross-national investigation, Khan, M., Ashraf, R., Malik, A. 21 Aug 2019, In: Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics

  • Marketing PhD June 22 2012
  • Marketing MRes October 31 2008
  • Marketing MBA July 07 2007
  • Statistics MSc February 28 2002

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