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Laura's main research interests surround occupational well-being, employee selection and assessment and equality, diversity and inclusion. She is currently working with a large police force to research aspirations and expectations of White and BAME female Police Officers' career progression and co-supervising a PhD student investigating Prison Officer wellbeing and a PhD student developing and evaluating an evidence based intervention for workplace bullying in healthcare. She is also interested in improving Musicians' wellbeing and working on the development of a research programme in this area.

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  • The prevalence of depression, anxiety, stress and their relationship to length of service in the UK police force, Gullon-Scott, P., Longstaff, L. 1 Mar 2024, In: Police Journal
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  • Collaborative Leadership in Systems: Evaluation report on Pilot Development Centre and Coaching, Elsey, V., Carter, M., Longstaff, L., Thompson, N., Wheatman, A. Jun 2020
  • Development of Competency Framework for Collaborative Leaders in Systems, Elsey, V., Carter, M., Longstaff, L., Thompson, N., Wheatman, A. Jun 2020
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Wika Malkowska Gender differences in career resources which influence career success Start Date: 02/03/2023

  • Psychology PhD October 16 2014
  • Psychology MSc November 11 2009
  • Psychology BSc (Hons) June 24 2008
  • Fellow of The Higher Education Academy
  • Test User: Occupational, Ability
  • Test User: Occupational, Personality
  • Graduate Member (MBPsS) British Psychological Society (BPS) 2008

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