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My research focuses to apply economics, management and sustainability theories and principles to improve the professional practice in property and construction, including property & facilities managment, procurement nd risk management, specialising in construction and sustainable procurement in relation to performance assessment, prediction and monitoring of consultants and contractors.  I have years of professional experience in property and construction so my research aspiration is to improve the professional practice in this field.  

I have published about 50 research papers in international journals and conferences, and for funded research projects. One of my papers entitled “Prediction of performance outcomes for procurement of public-sector construction consultants for property management” was awarded the most outstanding paper in the 2018 Emerald Literati Awards of Property Management journal.  The research was funded by the RICS Research Trust.

As PI and Co-I, I have achieved research grant awards from various sponsors including the RICS, involving collaborative research with the industry and other institutions. In a recent RICS/Property Research Trust funded project, I have successfully led and collaborated with Hampshire County Council to develop a performance improvement model for public-sector construction frameworks.

Being a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of International Journal of Building Pathology & Adaptation and Property Management, I was pleased to be awarded the prizes of Outstanding Reviewer between 2013 and 2015.  Recently, I have been appointed by Facilities to serve their Edictorial Advisory Board.

In addition to these, I have successfully supervised three professional doctorate students to completion (two without amendments) in the UK, and over 10 master students in construction and property in Australia, with six achieving the high distinction level.  As an external superivsor, I am currently supervising a PhD research project at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, a topical research into the Implementation of Smart Sustainable Cities in Saudi Arabia through citizen particpation and stakeholder management.

I welcome all potential PhD students to undertake research on expertise areas.  

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Construction framework process: a qualitative investigation of behaviour change drivers and project outcomes, Lam, T., Gale, K. 28 May 2024, In: Construction Innovation
  • The relative significance of behavioural finance factors in the investment decisions of Australasian REITs, Lam, T., Hasell, T., Tipping, M. 30 Jan 2024, In: Property Management
  • A performance-driving model for public-sector construction framework procurement in England, Lam, T., Gale, K. 10 Nov 2023, In: Built Environment Project and Asset Management
  • Implementing Smart Sustainable Cities in Saudi Arabia: A Framework for Citizens’ Participation towards SAUDI VISION 2030, Alamoudi, A., Abidoye, R., Lam, T. 14 Apr 2023, In: Sustainability
  • The Impact of Citizens’ Participation Level on Smart Sustainable Cities Outcomes: Evidence from Saudi Arabia, Alamoudi, A., Abidoye, R., Lam, T. 26 Jan 2023, In: Buildings
  • An evaluation of stakeholders' participation process in developing smart sustainable cities in Saudi Arabia, Alamoudi, A., Abidoye, R., Lam, T. 12 Dec 2022, In: Smart and Sustainable Built Environment
  • An investigation into the investment potential of purpose-built student accommodation in Sydney, Lam, T., Cheng, C. 17 Jun 2022, In: International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis
  • Continuing care retirement community senior housing in Shanghai: an analysis of the development barriers, Lam, T., Yan, J. 17 Jun 2022, In: International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis
  • Critical review of citizens’ participation in achieving smart sustainable cities: the case of Saudi Arabia, Alamoud, A., Abidoye, R., Lam, T. 17 Jun 2022, Science and Technologies for Smart Cities, Cham, Switzerland, Springer
  • The impact of stakeholders’ management measures on citizens’ participation level in implementing Smart Sustainable Cities, Alamoudi, A., Abidoye, R., Lam, T. 12 Dec 2022, In: Sustainability

  • Building Surveying BSc
  • Building MA
  • Building Surveying PhD
  • Teaching and Learning PGCert
  • Education External Verified Award
  • Chartered Facilities Management Surveyor The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  • Chartered Member The Chartered Institute of Housing
  • Chartered Project Management Surveyor The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  • Fellow (FRICS), Chartered Building Surveyor Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

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