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  • Students’ and staffs’ views and experiences of asymptomatic testing on a university campus during the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland: a mixed methods study, Bauld, L., Street, A., Connelly, R., Bevan, I., Morlet Corti, Y., Stage Baxter, M., Stagg, H., Christison, S., Mulherin, T., Sinclair, L., Aitman, T. 20 Mar 2023, In: BMJ Open
  • The Leadership of Co-Production in Health and Social Care Integration in Scotland: A Qualitative Study, Connolly, J., Munro, A., MacGillivray, S., Mulherin, T., Toma, M., Anderson, J., Gray, N. 1 Jul 2023, In: Journal of Social Policy
  • Seamful learning and professional education, Fawns, T., Mulherin, T., Hounsell, D., Aitken, G. 2 Sep 2021, In: Studies in Continuing Education
  • Anti-editorial: Living the PhD Journey..., Germain, O., Wang, P., Delisle, J., Moulai, K., Bluntz, C., Utoft, E., Dahlman, S., Mulherin, T., Fris Christensen, J., Buro, T., Taylor, H. 31 Mar 2020, In: M@n@gement
  • How co-production and co-creation is understood, implemented and sustained as part of improvement programme delivery within the health and social care context in Scotland – Research Study, Scottish Improvement Science Collaborating Centre, and University of the West of Scotland., Connolly, J., MacGillivray, S., Munro, A., Mulherin, T., Anderson, J., Gray, N., Toma, M. 6 Jan 2020
  • Four Different Ways to View Wicked Problems, Hujala, A., Laulainen, ., Brookes, A., Lammassaari, M., Mulherin, T. 3 Oct 2018, The Management of Wicked Problems in Health and Social Care, New York, Routledge
  • Partnership Working Across UK Public Services Edinburgh: What Works Scotland, Cook, A., Mulherin, T., Seditas, K. 3 Dec 2015
  • Applications of contribution analysis to outcome planning and impact evaluation, Wimbush, E., Montague, S., Mulherin, T. 1 Jul 2012, In: Evaluation

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