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His research interests include:

  • Data-driven predictions of materials and structures
  • Structural engineering and optimisation
  • Structural integrity
  • Finite element methods
  • Mechanics of microstructures
  • High-performance computing

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Efficient mix design method for lightweight high strength concrete: A machine learning approach, Sifan, M., Nguyen, H., Nagaratnam, B., Thamboo, J., Poologanathan, K., Makul, N. 1 Sep 2023, In: Structures
  • Prediction of shear capacity of steel channel sections using machine learning algorithms, Dissanayake Mudiyanselage, M., Nguyen, H., Poologanathan, K., Gatheeshgar, P., Upasiri, I., Rajanayagam, H., Suntharalingam, T. 1 Jun 2022, In: Thin-Walled Structures
  • Efficient machine learning models for prediction of concrete strengths, Nguyen, H., Vu, T., Vo, T., Thai, H. 10 Jan 2021, In: Construction and Building Materials
  • Application of PHT-splines in bending and vibration analysis of cracked Kirchhoff–Love plates, Videla, J., Contreras, F., Nguyen, H., Atroshchenko, E. 1 Apr 2020, In: Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering
  • Isogeometric analysis for size-dependent nonlinear thermal stability of porous FG microplates, Thanh, C., Tran, L., Bui, T., Nguyen, H., Abdel-Wahab, M. 1 Aug 2019, In: Composite Structures
  • Vibration of cracked functionally graded microplates by the strain gradient theory and extended isogeometric analysis, Nguyen, H., Atroshchenko, E., Ngo, T., Nguyen-Xuan, H., Vo, T. 15 May 2019, In: Engineering Structures
  • Geometrically nonlinear polygonal finite element analysis of functionally graded porous plates, Nguyen, N., Nguyen, H., Lee, S., Nguyen-Xuan, H. 1 Dec 2018, In: Advances in Engineering Software
  • A polygonal finite element method for laminated composite plates, Nguyen, N., Nguyen, H., Phan, D., Nguyen-Xuan, H. 1 Nov 2017, In: International Journal of Mechanical Sciences
  • A refined quasi-3D isogeometric analysis for functionally graded microplates based on the modified couple stress theory, Nguyen, H., Nguyen, T., Abdel-Wahab, M., Bordas, S., Nguyen-Xuan, H., Vo, T. 1 Jan 2017, In: Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering
  • Geometrically nonlinear isogeometric analysis of functionally graded microplates with the modified couple stress theory, Nguyen, H., Atroshchenko, E., Nguyen-Xuan, H., Vo, T. 1 Dec 2017, In: Computers & Structures

Mechanical Engineering PhD

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