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  • A cluster randomised controlled trial, process and economic evaluation of quality improvement collaboratives aligned to a national audit to improve the care for people with diabetes (EQUIPD): Study protocol, Sykes, M., Copsey, B., Finch, T., Meads, D., Farrin, A., McSharry, J., Holman, N., Young, B., Berry, A., Ellis, K., Moreau, L., Willis, T., Alderson, S., Girling, M., O'Halloran, E., Foy, R. 31 Aug 2023, In: Implementation Science
  • Enhancing national audit through addressing the quality improvement capabilities of feedback recipients: A multi-phase intervention development study, Sykes, M., O’Halloran, E., Mahon, L., McSharry, J., Allan, L., Thomson, R., Finch, T., Kolehmainen, N. 1 Dec 2022, In: Pilot and Feasibility Studies
  • A content analysis of a 'boy love' support forum: Revisiting Durkin and Bryant, O'Halloran, E., Quayle, E. 1 Jan 2010, In: Journal of Sexual Aggression
  • Deductive thematic analysis of a female paedophilia website, O'Halloran, E., Cork, U. 2 Jul 2008, In: Psychiatry, Psychology and Law

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Oral presentation: Understanding fidelity in the process evaluation of EQUIPD: A quality improvement intervention for diabetes care 2024
  • Oral presentation: Tailoring in the wild: Preliminary findings from a study to support improvements in diabetes care 2023
  • Oral presentation: How do teams tailor improvements in diabetes care: Preliminary findings from a Process Evaluation study 2023
  • Oral presentation: Assessing the fidelity and acceptability of a quality improvement intervention to enhance care for people with Type 1 Diabetes 2021

  • Psychology MSc June 30 2021
  • Psychology MA September 01 2008
  • Psychology BA (Hons) September 01 2005

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