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Key Publications

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  • Cuing both positive and negative episodic foresight reduces delay discounting but does not affect risk taking, Bulley, A., Miloyan, B., Pepper, G., Gullo, M., Henry, J., Suddendorf, T. 23 Jan 2019, In: Quarterly journal of experimental psychology (2006)
  • Smoking does not accelerate leucocyte telomere attrition, Bateson, M., Aviv, A., Bendix, L., Benetos, A., Ben-Shlomo, Y., Bojesen, S., Cooper, C., Cooper, R., Deary, I., Hägg, S., Harris, S., Kark, J., Kronenberg, F., Kuh, D., Labat, C., Martin-Ruiz, C., Meyer, C., Nordestgaard, B., Penninx, B., Pepper, G., Révész, D., Said, M., Starr, J., Syddall, H., Thomson, W., Van Der Harst, P., Whooley, M., von Zglinicki, T., Willeit, P., Zhan, Y., Nettle, D. 5 Jun 2019, In: Royal Society Open Science
  • Telomeres as integrative markers of exposure to stress and adversity, Pepper, G., Bateson, M., Nettle, D. Aug 2018, In: Royal Society Open Science
  • The relationships between exercise and affective states, Bonham, T., Pepper, G., Nettle, D. 12 Jan 2018, In: PeerJ
  • Cross-country relationships between life expectancy, intertemporal choice and age at first birth, Bulley, A., Pepper, G. Sep 2017, In: Evolution and Human Behavior
  • Strengths, altered investment, risk management, and other elaborations on the behavioural constellation of deprivation, Pepper, G., Nettle, D. 29 Nov 2017, In: Behavioral and Brain Sciences
  • The behavioural constellation of deprivation, Pepper, G., Nettle, D. 11 Jan 2017, In: Behavioral and Brain Sciences
  • The influence of mortality and socioeconomic status on risk and delayed rewards, Pepper, G., Corby, D., Bamber, R., Smith, H., Wong, N., Nettle, D. 25 Jul 2017, In: PeerJ
  • Using foresight to prioritise the present, Bulley, A., Pepper, G., Suddendorf, T. 11 May 2017, In: Behavioral and Brain Sciences
  • The evolved psychological mechanisms of fertility motivation, McAllister, L., Pepper, G., Virgo, S., Coall, D. 19 Apr 2016, In: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

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Richard Brown Start: 18/01/2021


Philosophy PhD January 16 2015

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