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Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

I am interested in how the Earth works. I’ve always followed my curiosity, and at different times have looked at movement of water between ocean basins, recolonisation of the tops of marine avalanches by microorganisms, how petrifying springs work, cleaning up hyperalkaline pollution, rainfall changes in northern Africa and the Mediterranean, icebergs in the North Pacific and the carbon flow between bedrock and surface water. Surprisingly, I’ve been using the same tools in all these studies, through investigating the chemistry of sediment, especially limestone and similar carbonate bodies. Carbonate makes up the shells of microorganisms I use to study changes in the ocean, are the major mineral forming in freshwater springs, rivers and lakes, forms a sink for hyperalkaline pollution and carries most of the inorganic carbon in the Earths crust. Carbonate geochemistry is a really diverse area to work in, and there are always surprising new things to learn!

Key Publications

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  • Effects of salinity, organic acids and alkalinity on the growth of calcite spherulites: Implications for evaporitic lacustrine sedimentation, Mercedes‐Martín, R., Rao, A., Rogerson, M., Sánchez‐Román, M. 1 Feb 2021, In: The Depositional Record
  • Northwest Pacific ice-rafted debris at 38°N reveals episodic ice-sheet change in late Quaternary Northeast Siberia, McCarron, A., Bigg, G., Brooks, H., Leng, M., Marshall, J., Ponomareva, V., Portnyagin, M., Reimer, P., Rogerson, M. 1 Jan 2021, In: Earth and Planetary Science Letters
  • Towards a morphology diagram for terrestrial carbonates: evaluating the impact of carbonate supersaturation and alginic acid in calcite precipitate morphology, Mercedes-Martín, R., Rogerson, M., Prior, T., Brasier, A., Reijmer, J., Billing, I., Matthews, A., Love, T., Lepley, S., Pedley, M. 16 Apr 2021, In: Geochmica et Cosmochimica Acta
  • Were springline carbonates in the Kurkur-Dungul area (Southern Egypt) deposited during glacial periods?, Kele, S., Sallam, E., Capezzuoli, E., Rogerson, M., Wanas, H., Shen, C., Lone, M., Yu, T., Schauer, A., Huntington, K. 1 May 2021, In: Journal of the Geological Society
  • Chapter 7. Integrating Remediation and Resource Recovery of Industrial Alkaline Wastes: Case Studies of Steel and Alumina Industry Residues, Gomes, H., Rogerson, M., Courtney, R., Mayes, W. 2020, Flow Chemistry, London, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Mediterranean Overflow Over the Last 250 kyr: Freshwater Forcing From the Tropics to the Ice Sheets, Sierro, F., Hodell, D., Andersen, N., Azibeiro, L., Jimenez-Espejo, F., Bahr, A., Flores, J., Ausin, B., Rogerson, M., Lozano-Luz, R., Lebreiro, S., Hernandez-Molina, F. 1 Sep 2020, In: Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology
  • Constructed wetlands for steel slag leachate management: Partitioning of arsenic, chromium, and vanadium in waters, sediments, and plants, Gomes, H., Mayes, W., Whitby, P., Rogerson, M. 1 Aug 2019, In: Journal of Environmental Management
  • Enhanced Mediterranean water cycle explains increased humidity during MIS 3 in North Africa, Rogerson, M., Dublyansky, Y., Hoffmann, D., Luetscher, M., Töchterle, P., Spötl, C. 16 Sep 2019, In: Climate of the Past
  • Handheld FT-IR spectroscopy for the triage of micro- And meso-sized plastics in the marine environment incorporating an accelerated weathering study and an aging estimation, Tang, P., Forster, R., McCumskay, R., Rogerson, M., Waller, C. 1 Feb 2019, In: Spectroscopy (Santa Monica)
  • Mediterranean isolation preconditioning the Earth System for late Miocene climate cooling, Capella, W., Flecker, R., Hernández-Molina, F., Simon, D., Meijer, P., Rogerson, M., Sierro, F., Krijgsman, W. 1 Dec 2019, In: Scientific Reports


PhD August 31 2003

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