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My current main research interests are in areas such as  mis/disinformation in social media, sustainable consumption and influencer marketing. I am competent in both qualitative and quantitative research and utilise techniques such as structural equation modeling, mean-end-chain based laddering interviews in my research. 

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Can you be mindful? The effectiveness of mindfulness-driven interventions in enhancing the digital resilience to fake news on COVID-19, Rodrigo, P., Arakpogun, E., Vu, M., Olan, F., Djafarova, E. 1 Apr 2024, In: Information Systems Frontiers
  • Proactive personality: A bibliographic review of research trends and publications, Din, S., Khan, M., Farid, H., Rodrigo, P. 1 Apr 2023, In: Personality and Individual Differences
  • Corporate social responsibility in the luxury sector: The role of moral foundations, Hang, H., Rodrigo, P., Ghaffari, M. 1 Dec 2021, In: Psychology and Marketing
  • Loss or gain? The role of message framing in hotel guests' recycling behaviour, Grazzini, L., Rodrigo, P., Aiello, G., Viglia, G. Nov 2018, In: Journal of Sustainable Tourism
  • Halal holidays: How is value perceived by Muslim tourists?, Rodrigo, P., Turnbull, S. 1 Sep 2019, In: International Journal of Tourism Research
  • An investigation into the Elite Sri Lankan consumers’ propensity to seek country of origin information when purchasing hedonic and utilitarian products, Rodrigo, P., Khan, H., McLeay, F. Jul 2011, Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Conference 2011: Marketing Fields Forever, Liverpool, UK, Academy of Marketing
  • An investigation of elite consumers' attitudes and purchase intentions of foreign products to achieve physiological and psychological goals, Khan, H., Rodrigo, P. 26 Jun 2014, Local contexts in global business, [East Lansing, Academy of International Business
  • Utilizing product-country-image (PCI)-self-image congruity intelligence to target glocal elites in an emerging market: SMEs perspective, Khan, H., Rodrigo, P. Jun 2013, ICSB World Conference Proceedings
  • Serving global consumers with a local mind set: an investigation of customers’ perception of offshore call centres’ services, Khan, H., Rodrigo, P., Koku, P. Jun 2011, ICSB 2011 World Conference Proceedings, Stockholm, Sweden, International Council for Small Business (ICSB)

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Participating in a conference, workshop, ...: The 3rd Marketing, Innovation, and DigitalTransformation Global Conference 2024 2024
  • Other: An exploratory study into business school knowledge exchange-(CABS Funded research)-Funding Value £29, 915,04 2023
  • Other: An intersectional perspective to meaningful/less work: British Academy of Management(BAM)-Transitions 2 grant 2023

  • Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti An Investigation of Hedonic, Utilitarian and Perceived Values Towards Revisit Intentions and Word-of-Mouth: Tourist Shopping Experiences in Qatar Start Date: 25/10/2021
  • Luke Norris Adapting Inoculation Theory to Confer Broad-scale Resistance to Deception Strategies in Multidimensional Digital Environments Start Date: 01/10/2021

  • Marketing PhD July 24 2014
  • Marketing MSc March 04 2010
  • Business andManagement Studies BA (Hons) March 05 2009
  • Academic Professional Apprenticeship-Teaching Specialist APA 2022
  • Chartered Marketer Cmktr 2020
  • Fellow in Higher Education Academy FHEA 2022
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice PGCAP 2022
  • Profesional Diploma Marketing -Chartered Institute of Marketing -UK 2006

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