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Key Publications

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  • Social Workers’ Negotiation of the Liminal Space Between Personalisation Policy and Practice, Southall, C., Lonbay, S., Brandon, T. 4 Mar 2021, In: European Journal of Social Work
  • Social work and mental health (children, young people and adults), Brandon, T., Southall, C., O'Driscoll, S. 1 Mar 2020, Introducing Social Work, London
  • BIA Perspectives on the Transition to the Liberty Protection Safeguards, Southall, C., Meredith, C. 24 May 2018, Deprivation of Liberty/ Liberty Protection Safeguards Conference
  • Reflective Practice in the Arena of Adult Social Care: How do Social Workers Negotiate the Liminal Space Between Policy and Practice?, Lonbay, S., Southall, C. 30 Mar 2016, 6th European Conference for Social Work Research


  • Social Work PhD June 15 2017
  • Teaching & Learning PCAPL October 11 2007
  • Health MSc September 01 2001
  • Sociology BSc (Hons) September 01 1983
  • Advanced Award in Social Work AASW 2004
  • Approved Social Worker under the Mental Health Act 1983 ASW 1992
  • C.Q.S.W. Certificate of Qualification in Social Work CQSW 1984
  • Fellow (FHEA) Higher Education Academy (HEA) 2015

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