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Key Publications

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  • Technological Innovation, Sustainable Green Practices and SMEs Sustainable Performance in Times of Crisis (COVID-19 pandemic), Alraja, M., Imran, R., Khashab, B., Shah, M. 21 Jan 2022, In: Information Systems Frontiers
  • A cross cultural study of gender differences in omnichannel retailing contexts, Ameen, N., Nusair, K., Shah, M. 1 Jan 2021, In: Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services
  • A Framework for ID Fraud Prevention Policies in E-Tailing Sector, Soomro, Z., Shah, M., Thatcher, J. 1 Oct 2021, In: Computers and Security
  • Big data management capabilities in the hospitality sector: service innovation and customer generated online quality ratings, Shamim, S., Yang, Y., Ul Zia, N., Shah, M. 1 Aug 2021, In: Computers in Human Behavior
  • Examining the Determinants of Facebook Continuance Intention and Addiction: The Moderating Role of Satisfaction and Trust, Maqableh, M., Obeidat, Z., Obeidat, A., Jaradat, M., Shah, M., Masa’deh, R. 21 Sep 2021, In: Informatics
  • Keeping customers' data secure: A cross-cultural study of cybersecurity compliance among the Gen-Mobile workforce, Ameen, N., Tarhini, A., Shah, M., Madichie, N., Paul, J., Choudrie, J. 1 Jan 2021, In: Computers in Human Behavior
  • Recognizing service users’ diversity: social identity narratives of British Pakistanis in a mental health context, Hussain, B., Sheikh, A., Repper, J., Stickley, T., Timmons, S., Shah, M. 24 May 2021, In: Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and Practice
  • Are there peas in a pod when considering mobile phone and mobile applications use: A quantitative study, Ameen, N., Shah, M., Sims, J., Choudrie, J., Willis, R. 1 Jul 2020, In: Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services
  • Employees' behavioural intention to smartphone security: A gender-based, cross-national study, Ameen, N., Tarhini, A., Shah, M., Madichie, N. 1 Mar 2020, In: Computers in Human Behavior
  • An investigation into agile learning processes and knowledge sharing practices to prevent identity theft in online retail organisations., Shah, M., Abdullah, M., Jones, P., Yusuf, Y. 11 Nov 2019, In: Journal of Knowledge Management


  • Computer Science PhD October 22 2002
  • Computer Science MRes October 30 1998
  • Information Systems BSc (Hons) June 15 1997
  • Senior Fellow of HEA SFHEA

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