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Her research focuses on 3D Weaving Innovation & Apparel Technology:

  • 3D weaving technology development for dome shape or double-curved composites
  • 3D woven apparel & sportswear
  • 3D body scanning - Scan2weave
  • Apparel Manufacturing & Technology
  • Zero-waste apparel manufacturing
  • Clothing Engineering & Technology
  • 3D/2D Digital Fashion

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Biomimetic Approach for the Production of 3D Woven Spherical Composite Applied in Apparel Protection and Performance, Shi, Y., Taylor, L., Cheung, V., Sayem, A. Feb 2022, In: Applied Composite Materials
  • The impact of age and body mass index on a bra sizing system formed by anthropometric measurements of Sichuan Chinese females, Shi, Y., Shen, H., Taylor, L., Cheung, V. 1 Nov 2020, In: Ergonomics
  • Scan2Weave: Connecting Digital Anthropometry with 3D Weaving Technology, Shi, Y., Taylor, L., Cheung, V., Sayem, A. 5 Jun 2023, Digital Fashion Innovations, Boca Raton, CRC Press
  • Effect of Cheongsam waist dart distribution on apparel modeling, Shi, Y., Shen, H. 2018, In: Journal of Textile Research

  • Technologies PhD March 15 2023
  • Engineering MEng July 31 2018
  • Fashion Design BA July 01 2015

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