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Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

Callum Thomson started his research career upon commencing employment at Northumbria University in November 2018.  He has published and presented his research into the area of domestic abuse.  His recent co-authored article, ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives?  An analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on the ability of victims of Gender Based Violence to access justice’, published in The Journal of Criminal, was successfully received.  The findings were submitted to the Home Affairs Committee and were presented to the Local Family Justice Board.  Callum, as a member of a panel of speakers with the Domestic Abuse Commissioner for England and Wales, presented the research to the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy for their seminar focused on the elimination of violence against women.  The research was also noted in local press.  Callum is continuing this research with his esteemed colleagues through imminent publication of their empirical data, which focuses on Covid-19 and the family court in the North East of England.

Callum also publishes and presents his research into clinical legal education.  His research has considered the readiness of students to undertake work in clinic, as well as an analysis of the Law in the Community module at Northumbria University, soon to be published in the International Journal of Clinical Legal Education.  Furthermore, Callum has published in The Law Teacher, wherein his research considered colleagues’ reflections on teaching and assessing reflection in the law clinic.

Callum is studying for his professional doctorate in law.  The research focuses on the voice of the child in court proceedings, including the child’s mental health and issues of parental alienation and its interplay with domestic abuse.

Key Publications

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  • Covid-19 and the Family Courts: Key Practitioner Findings in Children Cases, Richardson, K., Speed, A., Thomson, C., Coapes, L. 29 Apr 2021, In: Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law
  • Covid-19 and the family courts: key practitioner findings in applications for domestic violence remedy orders, Speed, A., Richardson, K., Thomson, C., Coapes, L. 18 May 2021, In: Child and Family Law Quarterly
  • Stay home, stay safe, save lives? An analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on the ability of victims of gender-based violence to access justice, Speed, A., Thomson, C., Richardson, K. 1 Dec 2020, In: The Journal of Criminal Law
  • The Law in the Community Module at Northumbria University - Working in Partnership with Citizens Advice as an Effective Teaching Tool, Bengtsson, L., Thomson, C., A'Court, B. 22 Apr 2021, In: International Journal of Clinical Legal Education
  • The Hall of Mirrors: a teaching team talking about talking about reflection, Thomson, C., Bengtsson, L., Mkwebu, T. Oct 2019, In: The Law Teacher

Further Information

Member of The Law Society

Member of the Centre for Evidence and Criminal Justice Studies

Researcher on the Covid-19 Outbreak Expert Database, United Kingdom Parliament

Reviewer for the International Journal of Clinical Legal Education

Reviewer for the International Journal of Public Legal Education

Member of the Legal Education and Professional Skills (LEAPS) Signature Interest Group

Member of the Family Justice Research Interest Group

Member of the Law and Humanities Research Interest Group

Editor of the 'A Family Affair' Family Law Blog

Member of the Chinese Law, Society and Economy Research Interest Group


  • Law MA June 23 2014
  • Member Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) 2017

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