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Gavin's research focuses on the neurophysiological and psychological effects of exercise on brain function in children and adults.

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  • A Tale of Two Cities: Understanding Children's Cycling Behavior From the Socio-Ecological Perspective, Yesiltepe, D., Pepping, R., Ling, F., Tempest, G., Mauw, S., Janssen, M., Hettinga, F. 29 Mar 2022, In: Frontiers in Public Health
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  • Put on your (fNIRS) thinking cap: frontopolar activation during augmented state creativity, Tempest, G., Radel, R. 5 Nov 2019, In: Behavioural Brain Research
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  • Extending the limits of force endurance: stimulation of the motor or the frontal cortex?, Radel, R., Tempest, G., Denis, G., Besson, P., Zory, R. Dec 2017, In: Cortex

PhD March 12 2014

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