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Helen's research interests include:

- School cultures and their impact on staff wellbeing

- Alternative Provision/Pupil Referral Units including how we can hear the authentic voices of both staff and pupils

- CYP mental health including the role of EMHPs

Helen is also interested in the use of autoethnographic and biographical methodologies, Kierkegaardian philosophy, and how mental health is understood within the context of religious belief and faith. 

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Complex and Hidden Lives, Woodley, H. 17 Jun 2022, Understanding Safeguarding for Children and their Educational Experiences, Bingley, Emerald
  • The Implementation of Whole-School Approaches to Transform Mental Health in UK Schools: A Realist Evaluation Protocol, Spencer, L., Flynn, D., Johnson, A., Maniatopoulos, G., Newham, J., Perkins, N., Wood, M., Woodley, H., Henderson, E. 2022, In: International Journal of Qualitative Methods
  • The use of Kierkegaard as a Stimulus for Autoethnographical Journal Writing, Woodley, H. 1 Oct 2022, In: Journal of Autoethnography
  • Understanding Safeguarding for Children and their Educational Experiences: A Guide for Students, ECTs and School Support Staff, Woodley, H., McGovern, W., Gillespie, A. 17 Jun 2022
  • Why Schools Why Now and Why Safeguarding, McGovern, W., Gillespie, A., Woodley, H. 17 Jun 2022, Understanding Safeguarding for Children and Their Educational Experiences, Croydon
  • Supporting minority groups in schools - reflections on training education mental health practitioners, Woodley, H. 6 Oct 2021, In: Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and Practice
  • Visible and Invisible Cultures: What Teachers Can Learn about Schools When Applying for Posts, Woodley, H. 19 Feb 2021, Early Careers in Education, Bingley, Emerald
  • Paradigmatic Shifts in Doctoral Research: Reflections Using Uncomfortable Reflexivity and Pragmatism, Woodley, H., Mazzoli Smith, L. 2 Mar 2020, In: The International Journal of Qualitative Methods
  • Using Journaling and Autoethnography to Create Counter-Narratives of School Exclusion in Britain, Woodley, H. 3 Jul 2020, Discourses We Live By, Cambridge, Open Book Publishers
  • Toxic Schools: How to avoid them and how to leave them, Woodley, H. 25 Oct 2018

Dionne Holmes An investigation in to the ways in which Early Childhood Education promotes and supports the well-being of children: An ethnographic study exploring the perceptions and experiences of early year's educators. Start Date: 30/03/2022

  • Education PGCE September 01 2003
  • BA (Hons) June 01 2002
  • Doctor of Education Ed.D
  • National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership NPQSL 2015
  • National Award for SEN Coordination NASENCO 2014

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