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Sitecore FAQs


If you have a question about Sitecore, you may find the answer within our frequently asked questions below:

How do I request access to Sitecore?

Requests for CMS access should be made/approved by Sitecore Digital Ambassadors. To request access, contact the Digital Ambassador for your area. They will advise you who in your area can train new users.

Once your request has been approved by your Digital Ambassador, you should fill in the Request CMS Access form. The Digital Team will review this request and get back to you with further instructions including Sitecore username and password and training pre-requisites.

I've forgotten my Sitecore username/password, what should I do?

If you have forgotten your Sitecore username or password, please email and we will reset this for you. 

I've found a bug/issue on a webpage, how do I report it?

If you come across a bug or issue on the university website - for example, if a feature is not working properly or if content is not displaying properly - please fill in the Report a Bug form on this page. Remember to include as much detail as you can and (if possible) attach a screenshot of the issue. Bugs are reviewed and fixed regularly by the Digital Team and IT.

How do I request a change to the website?

To request a website change - for example a change to existing functionality, new functionality or a new section of the site - fill in the Change Request Form on this page

Change requests should be submitted or approved by Sitecore Digital Ambassadors.  

What training is available?

The Digital Team offers various training opportunities, a full list can be found here. New dates are added regularly.

Can I suggest a new training topic?

We welcome suggestions for new training opportunities. Please contact your nominated Sitecore Digital Ambassador who can follow up your request. 

I need help editing my webpages, what should I do?

If you are unsure how to do something in Sitecore, there are a number of ways you can find the help you need:

  • Watch our online video tutorials - this range of help tutorials covers various Sitecore topics. Simply use the search bar to find the video you need. The password to access these videos is sitecorehelp
  • View our online user guidesthis written CMS guide is specifically for Northumbria University staffand covers all the Sitecore basics
  • Visit our Friday Clinic- Make an appointment in our Friday clinic to chat in person with a member of the Digital Team about how to edit your page

If your query is urgent you can email or call 0191 349 5708

I'm trying to create a page but it says the name is not valid, why?

The name that you give a page when it is created becomes the page URL on the site. Therefore it must not contain any special characters (for example '" ? ! % £ / ).

You should re-name the page to include only alpha numeric characters. 

Once you have created the page, you can change the page title and navigation title with the content editor. This is what will display on the main page content and within the site navigation. 

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