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We hope you will be able to find the information you need on our web pages. However, we are more than happy to give you direct feedback on our services. Contact details for all Student, Library and Academic Services can be found below.

Academic Registrar: Maureen McLaughlin

Executive Assistant - Sally Jameson

Academic Support (Arts, Design and Social Sciences)
Academic Support (Business and Law)
Academic Support (Engineering and Environment)
Academic Support (Health and Life Sciences)
Collaborative Ventures
The Graduate School (Arts, Design and Social Sciences)
The Graduate School (Business and Law)
The Graduate School (Engineering and Environment)
The Graduate School (Health and Life Sciences)

Northumbria University
Northumbria Language Centre
Northumberland Building

For enquiries, please visit individual programme pages listed in OurCourses.

 Ruth Hattam, Deputy Academic Registrar
 Approvals and Review
 PSRB Accreditations
 Regulations and Frameworks
 External Examiners
 Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

 Amy Brooks, Deputy Academic Registrar
 Award Verifications 
 Certificate Queries
 Congregation Queries
 Disclosure and Barring Service
 Exam Invigilation Procedure and Co-ordination
 External Returns, Aggregate Offshore Return
 External Returns, HESA Student Return
 External Returns, Unistats
 Student Data Management, Access to SQL Reports
 Student Enrolment
 Smartcard Queries

Alison Johnson Ask4Help Manager

Rob Duker Student Success Manager

Gillian Baty Student Knowledge Manager

Julie Herron Student Specialist Support Manager

Elaine Conroy Student Conduct Manager

Debra Shannon Student Casework Manager

Current Students should submit an enquiry via their Student Portal.


Newcastle: 0191 227 4646

London: 0191 349 5901

Amsterdam: +31 (0) 207 038 280

Wellbeing and Health Support

Financial Support

Disability and Dyslexia Support 

International student support

Counselling and mental health support 

Chaplaincy and faith advice

Change of circumstances Please contact us via your Student Portal 


For all current student enquiries: Please contact us via your Student Portal

To contact the team please email

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