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If you as the employer have a problem or issue regarding any aspect of the University’s role in the apprenticeship, you should follow the process which can be found at add the following link.  

Please note there is a separate process for student complaints and appeals and you may need to establish which is the most appropriate route for your particular issue

Apprentices, as students of Northumbria University have obligations to behave reasonably, ensuring that the University is a safe and supportive place to live, study and work for all. Everyone, fellow students, staff, visitors to the University, and neighbours in the community, have a right to be treated with dignity and respect. All members of the University community have a duty to support this principle in accordance with the Student Charter.

The University provides advice, guidance, policies and procedures to make you aware of available support and to assist your understanding of the standards of behaviour expected by the University. Further information can be found here

The University Health and Safety Policy describes how the University, overseen by its Board of Governors, manages the risks to health and safety and explains:

• The strategic aims of the Board of Governors and the University Executive;
• The organisation of managers and staff at all levels with health and safety roles and responsibilities;
• The arrangements by which management will discharge those responsibilities

Further information can be found here

Northumbria University is proud to be a multi-cultural community; we value diversity and are determined to ensure that the opportunities we provide are open to all.  Equality and Diversity strongly underpins the University’s Vision 2025 and Strategy 2018-2023.

Further information can be found here

The University aims to create an environment that respects the dignity and rights of all students and staff, where individuals have the opportunity to realise their full potential. The aim of the University’s Anti-bullying and Harassment Policy is to support this ethos and to strive to prevent harassment and bullying of any form occurring.

Further information can be found here

Safeguarding and Prevent are key aspect of all apprenticeships, and employers have a responsibility to ensure appropriate safeguarding measures are in place. Safeguarding is a consideration for a range of University activities, and we are all responsible for the safety of under-18s and vulnerable adults. Safeguarding is about protecting children, young people and vulnerable adults from abuse or neglect. Everybody has the right to be safe no matter who they are or what their circumstances. The University's Safeguarding arrangements include risk–based policies and procedures that focus on University activities that involve children and vulnerable adults, for further details of what this includes and how you can access these services, and the dedicated safeguarding officer please consult the following links. These should supplement and not replace those in your workplace.

The Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 places a duty on all universities, including Northumbria, as a relevant higher education body (RHEB) to have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.  ‘People’ in this sense is principally staff and students and those who represent the University. The Prevent duty guidance for higher education institutions in England and Wales was published by the government in late summer 2015. This document requires universities to review their arrangements to ensure the Prevent Duty is implemented, to be overseen on behalf of government by Office for Students (OfS) as ‘principal regulator’ of the University.  The OFS has produced a Monitoring Framework which all registered HEI providers in England are required to satisfy.

Further information in relation to this can be found

In 2014, the UK Government created five fundamental values that it identified as those that were unifying values, fundamental to British society and cohesion. The values were designed to balance freedom of thought, expression and choice in a liberal society with the need to maintain a safe and secure society. The five British Values are democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith. These values underpin your apprenticeship journey, the development of the teaching and learning material, the learning environment. In partnership with the Northumbria Students Union we developed the students charter which states;

"In partnership, Northumbria University and Northumbria Students’ Union encourage staff and student behaviours underpinned by values of equity, diversity and fairness. Collegiality and a concern for ethical behaviour and for the welfare of individuals within the University and wider society are paramount, as is upholding standards in order that students are justifiably proud of their achievements and the value of a Northumbria award”.

Further details in relation to FBV, and how it informs and shapes the apprenticeship will be provided to the apprentice on their programme virtual learning environment and in their programme handbook.

Every student of the University is expected to act with integrity in relation to the production and representation of academic work.  Academic integrity is central to University life and requires in particular that students are honest and responsible in acknowledging the contributions of others in their work.

If Academic Misconduct is suspected then the University Academic Misconduct Procedure will be followed.

• Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) Apprenticeship Funding Rules and Guidance for Employers
Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE)
• Northumbria Academic Regulations for Taught Awards: 2019/20 (republished for 2020/21) for students studying levels 5, 6 and 7
• Northumbria Academic Regulations for Taught Awards: 2020/21 for students studying levels 3 and 4
Northumbria Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRB)
• Example of commitment statement
• Example of employer handbook
• Example of programme handbook
• Example of Training Services agreement levy
• Example of Apprenticeship Agreement template



Key Contacts

The Northumbria Degree Apprenticeship Academic Support Team

The Degree Apprenticeship Academic Support Team within Educational Partnerships will be your key point of contact, from supporting you through the contract signing process and ensuring all required documentation is in place, right through the duration of the programme to completion of the apprentice’s end-point assessment and graduation. When dealing with any queries you or your apprentice may have, the Academic Support Team will triage them to the appropriate person/University department/service.

Name: Kerry Douglas, Academic Support Manager
Contact details: 0191 243 7574


The Northumbria Degree Apprenticeship Data Returns and Funding Analyst

The Degree Apprenticeship Data Returns and Funding Analyst will be your key financial point of contact, from supporting you through the Apprenticeship Service (DAS) account set up, to ensuring your financial information requirements are supported, including Invoicing, incentive payments, indicative payment schedules and Apprenticeship Service account support.

Name: Steven Hale, Apprenticeship Data Returns and Funding Analyst 
Contact details: Phone number: 0775 380 2297


The Northumbria Apprenticeship Business Development Manager and Business Coordinator for Degree Apprenticeships

As an Employer looking to find a suitable Degree Apprenticeship programme for a prospective apprentice or existing employee, your key point of contact will be the Northumbria University Business Development Manager and Business Coordinator for Degree Apprenticeships Coordinator. They will liaise with you regarding contractual terms, entry requirements for the programme and advertising vacancies. They will also require details of candidates who you wish to be considered for admission to the University. Once an employee has been offered a place, the Degree Apprenticeship Academic Support Team will be your first point of contact.

Name: Jacqui Clark / Anna Moroney, Business Development Coordinators
Contact details: Phone number: 0191 2156300 (this is the telephone number to contact Sales and Business Development through the Horizon system)

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