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Northumbria University is funding 15 PhDs to start by 2022. Roughly five candidates will be welcomed into the programme each year with the next cohort starting in early 2021.

The applications are run in a two-part process:

  1. Partners – applications are welcomed from organisations in the first instance and are reviewed by a panel of judges. Here, final projects are selected and successful organisations are matched with hand-picked academics based on the needs of the project
  2. Students – once the projects are defined, recruitment for PhD candidates begins. If businesses have chosen to put an existing member of staff through the programme, they will still be required to submit an application form and attend an interview. For those who prefer to work with the university to recruit a candidate, an open applications process will take place

Partner applications for the 2021 cohort are open now! Organisations are asked to complete the application form below by Friday November 13th 2020. Recruitment timelines depend on whether businesses choose to work with an existing member of staff, or recruit someone new. More details on this can be found in the FAQ


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