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Sponsor Letter Requirements

If you are being sponsored for your tuition fees, the university requires a sponsor letter to confirm your sponsorship status.

This must be on the official letterhead of the organisation sponsoring the student and must be signed by someone other than the student.

Please make sure the following information is included in the letter, otherwise this will cause delays in processing:

  1. Student Number
  2. Full Student Name
  3. The amount or the percentage of the sponsorship.
  4. The Academic Year or Years the sponsorship relates to
  5. Purchase Order number. If your organisation operates a no purchase order, no payment system, we cannot process without it. If no purchase order is required, please state this in the letter.
  6. VAT Registration Number if the company has one, if not, this must be stated in the letter
  7. Address where invoices should be sent
  8. Accounts Payable email address (invoices are emailed)
  9. Accounts Payable Contact Name and Telephone Number 
  10. Relevant Contact person and their e-mail address in the Company for any queries about sponsorship.

This letter should be submitted to the university as a scanned e-mail attachment at this link.

Payment Terms – 30 Days from the date of the invoice. Delay in making payments could lead to students losing access to the university facilities and excluded from the course for non-payment.

Note for students – it is a student’s responsibility to hand in a sponsor letter in time. If the university does not receive a sponsor letter, students are invoiced and held liable for paying the fees.

Please do not pass on your tuition fee invoice to your sponsor for payment, as payment terms for students differ to sponsor payment terms, which can cause delays in receiving payment.

If there are any queries about this please contact

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