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Key Soft Skills You’ll Possess After Completing Our Surveying MSc

We explore the CV-friendly skills you'll pick up during our online Surveying courses.

One could argue that the term 'soft skills' is a misnomer. 

Soft skills are, in fact, some of the most crucial career drivers that you'll ever learn. They make the difference between a run-of-the-mill worker and a top-tier professional that pleases clients and employers every time. Even though they might seem abstract, when you work with someone with excellent soft skills, you'll immediately notice the difference in the level of service they're able to offer. 

This is why employers in every industry, including surveying, are crying out for employees with such talents. 

Our suite of distance learning Surveying MSc programmes have been designed to help you boost your soft skills and your career. Take a look at which of them our RICS accredited courses will target, and how you can use them to enhance your employment prospects. 

1. Communication 

Perhaps one of the most crucial abilities of all, good communication skills separate the average practitioner from the great. To achieve success in any industry, having good interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate complicated information is vital. Surveying is no exception.

Each of our Surveying degrees is geared towards developing your industry specific vocabulary and wider communication skills. You'll be taught by academics with real experience in the field, who will show you first hand how to think and speak like a professional. Not only will your assessments ‒ which could range from project reports to essays ‒ grow your knowledge of the sector, they’ll also develop your ability to digest, analyse and explain complex issues clearly. 

Ultimately, studying a Masters teaches you to communicate at a high level; successful completion of our MSc will show employers that you’ve got what it takes.

2. Collaboration

Every project you work on will involve a meeting of minds. The best surveyors in the industry excel in these kinds of environments, working seamlessly with other professionals to achieve targeted project outcomes. 

To really excel, you'll need to know how to support others, as well as tap into their expertise to help you complete work to the highest possible standards. Over the duration of our course, you’ll be encouraged to share knowledge and experiences with fellow students based all over the world. Although your assessments will be completed as individuals, in each module you’ll communicate with your peers on discussion boards, during online seminars, in group chats and beyond. This interaction allows you to enhance each others’ learning and understanding. We strive to create an online culture where ongoing collaboration and peer-to-peer support is the norm. 

By the end of this Surveying degree, you’ll have better developed skills in, and evidence of, collaborative working ‒ something that will benefit you in the world of work. 

3. Decision Making

A key ingredient in a leadership level skillset, being able to make confident, informed decisions comes from a foundation of sound professional knowledge and analytical capabilities. When you have all the key pieces of information at your fingertips, or know how to access them, it's easy to make choices that will help you achieve your goals.

Our courses have been designed to give you the generalist and specialist understanding you need to operate as a decisive leader. RICS accreditation is evidence of the fact that our Masters will teach you the knowledge considered vital by industry leading, professional bodies. Plus, throughout, you’ll be encouraged to develop critical, evidence based thinking skills. With these tools, you’ll be better equipped to assess situations in the field, take the lead and make essential decisions that get your project over the finish line.

4. Digital Skills

The distance learning nature of our Surveying MSc puts you in a unique position to hone your online skills. Increasingly, professionals are turning to the digital world to find the specialist knowledge they need, and the ability to manage projects and collaborate online is now more important than ever.

With this programme, you'll use a range of tools and platforms to access your learning, communicate with others and manage your workflow. Gaining a Masters online is a great way to widen your digital experience, and shows hiring managers that you’re truly tech-savvy.

5. Time Management

All of our distance learning students receive plenty of support via our Student Success Team to help them stay on track. However, ultimately, it is up to you to make use of the free time that you have to complete your learning and meet your deadlines. Balancing studies alongside professional and personal commitments will no doubt be a challenge. 

However, by successfully completing this course, you’ll prove to yourself – and to future employers – that you have the ability to manage your time effectively to achieve the best outcome for everyone. That means making the most out of both your work and rest time, keeping yourself refreshed and avoiding burnout. 

6. Self Motivation

Despite the advantages that come with having the flexibility to work from whenever you like, studying online does require a unique level of discipline. You are going to need to motivate yourself if you want to get the most out of your studies. 

Motivating yourself through the ebbs and flows of any education programme means maintaining a clear vision for your growth over the long term, and the dedication to get there. Employers are always on the lookout for candidates who have a sense of direction for themselves and the company they want to work for, as well as the commitment needed to stay the course and achieve their goals. Finishing an online Masters degree will help demonstrate to managers that you have the drive to stay focused, avoid distractions and get the job done.


To learn more about our Surveying MSc pathways and the professional and soft skills for career success they will help you to achieve, visit our course pages below.

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