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European Union

This section will contain resources for the University’s European Union (EU) agents. Many of the resources available in other areas of the Agent Zone can be used by our EU agents. Please use the links below to explore the site:


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As you will be aware, a referendum was held to decide whether the UK would remain part of the European Union (EU). Although the UK voted to leave the EU, the process will take time. The UK government issued a statement confirming that students joining the University in 2016 would still be entitled to loan funding for the duration of their studies. The UK is still a member of the EU and will continue to be so until an exit deal is agreed. This process will take a minimum of 2 years and during this period there will be no change to the rights of EU students in the UK. The University has also issued a statement following the outcome of the EU referendum. If you have any questions about the impact of the EU referendum result on your students, please get in touch.

We will be adding more EU focussed content very soon. If you would like to suggest ideas for useful content, please contact our International Recruitment Manager Tom Allardyce at

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