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Study Abroad - Alex Barenys

Name: Alex Barenys

Degree: Business Management and Administration

Home University: IQS School of Management, Spain

When did you study at Northumbria University?

From September 2017 to January 2018.

What subject did you study at Northumbria?

Marketing research and planning, Marketing management and strategy and Culture and organisations (Plus Academic language skills).

Why did you decide to do Study Abroad?

I felt the need to disconnect from my daily routine and I wanted to face a new challenge and meet new people and if that could be done by learning/improving my English, even better.

Why did you decide to come to Northumbria University?

I was 100% sure I wanted to go to an English-speaking country, so I had to chose between the UK or the USA. For the 5-month period that lasted the Erasmus program I thought it wasn’t enough time to go to the USA, so I decided to go to England. The options that my home institution offered were London, Cardiff and Newcastle if I am not wrong. After asking older students who had been on an Erasmus program and researching through the internet, I thought that Newcastle would be the best option (and I am pretty sure I was right!)

What is your favourite memory of being at Northumbria?

People and the University atmosphere. Even though at first it is hard to understand them, people in Newcastle are the most familiar from the very first moment. I had the luck to join the Northumbria University Futsal team and that helped me to integrate and I met lots of fantastic people.

Did you find living in Newcastle expensive?

Yes. I live in Barcelona which is not a cheap city, but I found everything more expensive, apart from having to “adapt” to see prices in pounds instead of euros.

How will you use your experience of Studying Abroad at Northumbria in the future?

Mainly to interact with people from different countries and cultures, as I have learnt that not everybody thinks in the same way and there can be huge differences between people. Also, I think that having the opportunity to learn a language in a country where it is spoken has given me a boost that is impossible to get by only practicing in English schools in Barcelona.

What advice would you give to a student who is thinking of coming to Northumbria to Study Abroad?

There is no need to think about it. You should just go and enjoy every second because when time to go back home comes you will wish you could stay longer!


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