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Study Abroad - Marie Jensen

Name: Marie Jensen

Degree: Corporate Communications

Home University: Aarhus University, Denmark

When did you study at Northumbria University?

I studied at Northumbria University in the spring semester 2018.

What subject did you study at Northumbria?

I studied Fashion Journalism, Mass Communication Industries & Communications and Content Marketing.

Why did you decide to do Study Abroad?

I decided to study abroad because I believe that you can learn a lot if you challenge yourself from time to time. When you’re going to another country to study you not only gain new academic knowledge but also knowledge about yourself. 

Why did you decide to come to Northumbria University?

I decided to come to Northumbria University because I wanted to study in the UK. It’s a country that has a reputation for a high academic level which was important for me when I chose the country, I wanted to study in.  I chose to apply to Northumbria University because of its business-focused profile. I’m studying corporate communication at my home university in Denmark and Northumbria offers subject areas that are relevant for my education.

What is your favourite memory of being at Northumbria?

My favourite memory is all the friends that I made in my time at Northumbria. The University was very welcoming and helpful which made the start at the university a lot easier than I thought it would be. 

Did you find living in Newcastle expensive?

I found it cheap to live in Newcastle. There are a lot of student accommodations with student friendly prices. Furthermore, are there a lot of restaurants with student discount so you can go out for dinner with your new friends without spending a lot of money.   

How will you use your experience of Studying Abroad at Northumbria in the future?

My experience of Studying Abroad at Northumbria has made me more confident writing and speaking English and I have decided to study a Masters degree where everything is in English.

What advice would you give to a student who is thinking of coming to Northumbria to Study Abroad?

My advice for students who are thinking of coming to Northumbria to Study Abroad is to look over all the amazing options Northumbria University offers. The subjects at this university are very creative and gives the student an opportunity to use the theory in a more creative way. 

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