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Entry Requirements

For details on our English Language Requirements and Pre-Sessional Courses visit our English Language Centre pages.

Although some courses have specific requirements for entry, Northumbria will consider any qualification for entry to its courses.

For entry to: You will need: Grade Required:
International Foundation Programme 


Completion of SMU II with an average of 7.0 or SMU III with an average of 6.5

1st Year Undergraduate  STTB SMA (Award) and Ujian Nasional (Exam)  7/10 and above 
Advanced Entry/Credit Transfer Undergraduate Programmes  Diploma 3 (D3) 2.5/4.0
Postgraduate Programmes  Bachelor Degree / Diploma IV (D4) GPA 2.5/4 or 60% for courses requiring a UK 2:2 equivalent

CGPA 3.0/4 or 70% for courses requiring a UK 2:1 equivalent
Graduate Certificate Bachelor Degree / Diploma IV (D4) GPA 2.0/4 

Please note these are general entry guidelines. Actual requirements may vary depending on your chosen course of study and certain courses may have specific or additional entry requirements, full details can be found on our course directory. Decisions for entry will also be based on personal statements, previous study information and not just your final course grading.

Meet us in your country

To find out when we are visiting your country, please visit our Where are we visiting page

To get more information, contact:

Indonesia Country Representatives

For further enquiries, help submitting your application and interviews in your area please contact your local Northumbria University representative whose details are listed below.


IBEC - Indonesia Britain Education Centre

Graha Bumiputera #08-01 | Jl. Asia Afrika No 141-149 | Bandung | 40112

IDP Education UK

Jl Sulanjana No 3 | Dago | Bandung | 40116

SUN Education Group

Ruko Paskal Hyper Square | Blok C6 | Jalan Pasirkaliki No.25-27 | Bandung | 40181


SUN Education Group

Harbour Bay Mall | 1st Floor | No. FF 52 | Batu Ampar | Batam


SUN Education Group

Jalan Pekiringan 15 | Cirebon | 45118


SUN Education Group

Komplek Pertokoan Kerta Wijaya | Blok B26 | Jalan Diponegoro | No.98 | Denaspar


IBEC - Indonesia Britain Education Centre

Wisma 46 Kota BNI | #34.08 | JI. Jend. Sudirman Kav, 1 | 10220 | Jakarta

IDP Education UK

Kompleks Ruko Plaza 5 | Pondok Indah Blok D - 11 | Jl. Margaguna Raya | Jakarta Selatan | 12140

IDP Education UK

Wisma Budi Building | 5th Floor | Suite 501 | Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav C-6 | Kuningan | 12940 | Jakarta

IDP Education UK

Komplek Perkantoran Ruko Gading Bukit Indah | Blok G | No. 23 | Kelapa Gading | 14240 | Jakarta Utara

SUN Education Group

Senayan Trade Centre | Level 1 | No.55-58 Jalan Asia Afrika | Jakarta | Selatan | 10270

SUN Education Group

Gedung Graha Kencana | Level 9 Unit A | Jalan Raya Pejuangan No. 88 | Kebon Jeruk | Jakarta | Barat | 11530

SUN Education Group

Apartment Mediterania Garden | Tower C/SH/ GCD | JL. Tanjung Duren Raya Kavling 5 | Jakarta | Barat | 11470

SUN Education Group

Level 4 No 30 | Jl Arteri S Parman | Jakarta Barat | 11470

SUN Education Group

Jalan Pluit Timur Raya | No 36C | Pluit | Jakarta Utara 14450

SUN Education Group

Jalan Cideng Barat | No 46C | Jakarta Pusat | 10150

SUN Education Group

Jalan Boulevard | Timur Raya | Blok NE1 | No.57 | Kelapa Gading | Jakarta Utara | 14240

SUN Education Group

Gedung Pro Arena Futsal | Jalan Metro Pondok Indah | Blok BB 111 | Jakarta Selatan | 12310

Unistart (Unisadhuguna Group)

Sequis Centre | Ground Floor | Jl. Jend. Sundirman Kav. 71 | Jakarta | 12190


SUN Education Group

Komplek Pontianak Mal Blok D No 4 | Jalan Teuku Umar | Pontianak | Kalimantan Barat | 78177


IDP Education UK

JI. Yosef Latumahina No. 1 - D | Losari | Makassar | 90112


IDP Education UK

JI. Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 8 C | Medan | 20152

SUN Education Group

Jalan Prof MH Yamin SH No 21C | Medan | 20234


SUN Education Group

Jalan Melur No. 19C | Pekanbaru | 28156


SUN Education Group

Ruko Puri Anjasmoro EE 1 No. 10A | Semarang | 50144

IDP Education UK

Gajah Mada Plaza | Blok C | No 20-21 | Simapang Lima | Semarang | 50134


SUN Education Group

Komplek Ruko Golden Palace C-7 | Jalan HR Muhammad 373-383 | Surabaya | 60188


iae Global

Ruko Barcelona E9/11 | BSD City | Tangerang | 15330

IBEC - Indonesia Britain Education Centre

King's English & Education Centre | Wisma BNI 46 | #34.08 JI. Jend. Sudirman Kav, 1 | 10220

P.T Jack Study Abroad

Ruko Financial Center | BA2 No 54 | Jl Bulevar Gading Serpong | 15810 | Tangerang

SUN Education Group

Jalan Ruko Jalur Sutera 29D No.28 | Alam Sutera Serpong | Tanerang Selatan | 15325


IDP Education UK

Gedung Agape Lantai 1 | Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana | JI. Wahidin 5-25 | Yogyakarta | 55224



Meet Zarak Rafiq, Northumbria's country manager for Indonesia

Zed In PageSawasdee Krub from the Land of a Thousand Smiles!

It is my great pleasure to introduce Northumbria University Thailand Office. As the Regional Manager, I feel privileged to be part of a dynamic team that oversees the markets for Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia and Pakistan; countries with different political, economic and social climates, not to mention cultural diversity.

We are responsible for the Region’s business development, partnerships, recruitment, admissions, marketing and promotion for the University. We work hand-in-hand with representatives, partner institutions, corporations and Government bodies in achieving excellence through the delivery of our value-added services.

With the presence of over 15 years in Thailand, the office has built a brand name for Northumbria University in the Region, seeing it grow from strength to strength over the years. This could not have been possible without the support of my colleagues at the Thailand Office, who have all worked hard to make it possible for us to attain this level of achievement.

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