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For details on our English Language Requirements and Pre-Sessional Courses visit our English Language Centre pages.

Although some courses have specific requirements for entry, Northumbria will consider any qualification for entry to its courses.

For entry to: You will need: Grade Required:

Grade Required for £2500 Scholarship

IFP Cambridge Overseas Advanced Level Examination Ordinary/Higher Technician Diploma May be considered if entry requirements for target course are not met. Applications will be evaluated on a case by case basis  
1st Year Undergraduate Cambridge Overseas Advanced Level Examination
Ordinary/Higher Technician Diploma
As per course A Level Requirements  
2nd Year Undergraduate Diploma from Mauritius University 60% / B  80% / A+
Postgraduate Programmes Bachelors Degree Class II Division II (50%) for courses requiring a UK 2:2

Class II Division 1 (60%) for courses requiring a UK 2:1
 80% / A+
Graduate Certificate Bachelors Degree 40%  

Please note these are general entry guidelines. Actual requirements may vary depending on your chosen course of study and certain courses may have specific or additional entry requirements, full details can be found on our course directory. Decisions for entry will also be based on personal statements, previous study information and not just your final course grading.

For further enquiries, help submitting your application and interviews in your area please contact your local Northumbria University representative whose details are listed below.

Uniserv Ltd

Ebene Junction | Office C020 | Rue de la Democratie Ebene | Mauritius

  • Phone: +230 5 735 9926

To find out more events for international students, please view our International Events page. 

John Hartwright - Turkey , Russia

After graduating from Lancaster University, John worked in retail management for a number of years before studying for a postgraduate qualification and subsequently taking up an academic post in Newcastle Business School in January 1989. His career with Northumbria University led to him becoming involved in student recruitment and international development and in 2009 assumed a key full-time role in leading international development for the business school. Following the restructuring of the university in 2013 John has worked from within the university International Development Office with a focus on the Faculty of Business and Law. He has travelled widely, especially in Asia, with India and Vietnam being particularly regular destinations. In his current role he gets to play a leading role in the development of the academic programmes in his faculty as well as to facilitate new international partnerships and provide information to students about study in the UK.

Outside of work his interests include photography, fine whisky, and Jaguar cars, although not all at the same time.


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