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This ongoing project with the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) and English Football Association (FA) adopts a relational and interactionist stance to explore the reasoning behind (young) referees’ decisions to quit officiating in grassroots and amateur football.The knowledge created in this study will provide new insights that national associations and UEFA stakeholders at all levels could utilise to inform, adapt, refine, or reinvigorate existing programmes related to the recruitment, retention, and development of (young) referees.

Lawn Tennis Association

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Newcastle Falcons

In an effort to advance beyond existing norms in formal coach education provision, this project utilises a participatory action research approach to both support and critically explore the learning and development of professional rugby union coaches. Specifically, through the combination of multiple research methods, ‘in-situ’ collaboration, and the application of a variety of socio-cultural and education concepts, this project seeks to chart some of the challenges and opportunities associated with developing personal coaching praxis with some of England’s leading academy rugby union coaches.



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