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Researcher Development for Staff

Northumbria University provides a range of training and development opportunities to research staff as detailed below. Additional research resources are available in our staff intranet and information on developing your research career at Northumbria is available here.

Please direct any queries relating to Researcher Development for staff to

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Academic Development and Researcher Training Programme

Please click here to access the Academic Development and Researcher Training Programme.

To enrol on any of the sessions, staff should click here for the Research and Innovation Services online calendar.

A number of our courses are now available on Blackboard via our Researcher Development at Northumbria organisation page - click here to find out how to access the courses.

If you are no longer able to attend a session remember to cancel your booking via the online calendar at least 48 hours ahead of the scheduled programme where possible.  

Academic Staff studying for a Doctorate

Northumbria University is committed to support academic staff to register for a doctorate (PhD or Professional) where this will be beneficial for the University, Faculty and individual. Further information can be found at the links bellow:

Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers

The University is firmly committed to developing the careers of researchers, whether they are pursuing a dedicated research career or carrying out research as part of a wider teaching and research role. The University has made significant investment in research, and we aim to be known for our development of Early Career Researchers.

HR Excellence in Research logoNorthumbria University was awarded the European Commission HR Excellence in Research Award in January 2013 rewarding the University’s commitment to supporting both research careers and excellent working conditions for researchers.

This award is closely linked to the concordat to support the career development of researchers which Northumbria University committed to in 2012. For more information on the concordat and its principles for the support and management of research careers, click on the link below.

Concordat to support the career development of researchers

Early Career Researchers Development and Support

Early career researchers form a vital part of the academic community at Northumbria. Research and Innovation Services supports them by providing a wide range of advice, resources and training opportunities, to support them in their professional and career development, so that they can increase their research skills and become world-class researchers.

You can find out more about the programme here. You can book a place in any of the sessions here

The Northumbria University Early Career Researchers Forum provides an informal opportunity for academics and final stage PhD students in the formative stages of their research careers - regardless of any formal definition of an 'ECR' - to meet, network, discuss research challenges and opportunities, share experiences and advocate for specific research support and events at the University. To find out more click here

HR Excellence in Research Award

What is the European Commission HR Excellence in Research Award?
In order to ensure that the European Union is an attractive place for researchers, in 2005 the European Commission (EC) launched the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers which set out some principles for good working conditions for researchers. The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (also known as HRS4R) is the mechanism through which the EC aims to ensure that institutions are improving working conditions for researchers across Europe as set out in the European Charter and Code. The strategy has a 5 step implementation process and when an institution completes all 5 steps it achieves the HR Excellence in Research Award.

Northumbria received the award in January 2013 for its commitment to supporting researchers throughout their careers and aligning with the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for their recruitment.

More information on the award is available from Vitae, which works to meet society’s need for high-level skills and innovation through enabling the professional and career development of UK researchers. Vitae co-ordinates the HR Excellence in Research Award in the UK and supports institutions in applying for and maintaining their accreditation.

In addition, through Northumbria University’s membership of Vitae, our research staff can access a range of practical support for personal and career development, information about employment rights, equality and diversity policies and useful publications. There is also the Vitae Research Developer Framework which is a professional development resource designed by researchers for researchers. It aims to identify the skills and experience you need to acquire and chart the progress of your professional development. Register here to access all of the available resources.

HR Excellence in Research Award reviews
Institutions holding the HR Excellence in Research Award are required to undertake an internal self-assessment of their progress in achieving the actions/outcomes set out in their Action Plan at least once every two years.

Action Plans are monitored closely by the University’s Concordat working group which includes representation from Faculty Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation), Principal Investigators (PI), Early Career Researchers (ECR) and Contract Research Staff (CRS) from across the University’s four faculties. Membership also includes staff from Research and Business Services and Human Resources.

This assessment includes a report on our progress to date, explaining how the internal evaluation was undertaken, the achievements to date and the next steps and success measures for the next two years.

Six year review 2019

In May 2019, Northumbria University published our HR Excellence in Research Award 6-year review:

Progress report 2019 (PDF)
Updated Action Plan 2016-18 (PDF)
Current Action Plan 2018-20 (PDF)

Four year review 2017

In January 2017, Northumbria University published our HR Excellence in Research Award 4-year review:

Progress Report 2017 (PDF) 
Updated Action Plan 2014-16 (PDF)
Current Action Plan 2016-18 (PDF)     

Two year review 2015
In January 2015, Northumbria University published our HR Excellence in Research Award 2-year review:

Progress Report 2015 (PDF)
Updated Action Plan 2012-14 (PDF)

The original Action Plan 2012 (PDF)


Next Generation of Large Award Holders

The Next Generation of Large Award Holders programme is a 6 day programme spread over a five-month period.  The aim of the programme is to grow a cohort of promising Northumbria academics to have the knowledge, skills and research profile to develop a significant and credible funding application. It is an ambitious and aspirational programme with the participants being seen as Northumbria’s future research leaders.

The participants are nominated by their Faculty Associate PVC (Research and Innovation) and the programme includes senior academics from Northumbria and other institutions, culminating in a two-day residential grant-writing retreat.

Northumbria academics can contact their Faculty Research Funding and Policy Manager for further information on the programme.

Researcher Development Bitesize Guide

Researcher Development at Northumbria University's Library

Access the Researcher Development area at Northumbria University's Library.

Researcher Development Framework - Vitae

Reseracher Development Framework - Vitae

Vitae is a national organisation which champions professional and career development for researchers. The Researcher Development Framework has been designed to help researchers evaluate and plan their professional development. Further support can be found on the website here.

Reseacr H-wheel

Health and Safety Guidance and Contact Information

Health and Safety Guidance and Contact Information and Contact Information can be found at the following links:

Health and Safety webpage
Staff Intranet
Risk Assessment Library



Northumbria Research Link

Northumbria Research Link (NRL) is an open access repository of Northumbria University's research output.


Research Staff Profiles

Our students learn from the best – inspirational academic staff with a genuine passion for their subject, whose teaching is shaped by world-leading and internationally excellent research.

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