AC7045 - Evidence Based Competence for Advanced Clinical Practice

What will I learn on this module?

In this module you will develop and build on the Clinical Practice, Leadership and Management and Education pillars of your advanced clinical practice role. You will explore and demonstrate the application of year 1 learning in a competency framework underpinned by a clinical, personal and professional critical evaluation and analysis of the concepts required of an ACP. You will evaluate and explore the development of your competence, capability, confidence and your role as an ACP in leading and managing care. You will learn how your decision making and education has moved into the sphere of Advanced Clinical Practice applying a deeper understanding and application of the principles underpinning the Advanced Care you will now be providing. You will utilise workplace opportunities to focus on your development, to evaluate, underpin and analyse the practical clinical application of the skills and knowledge developed in year 1 and the progression of these skills to ACP level. You will apply the evaluation of your competence and capability to topics relevant to the developing role of an ACP. If you have opted to study for a specialist named award, you will be expected to explore these topic areas in the context of your specialist area of practice and demonstrate achievement of locally or nationally agreed competencies specific to your role.

How will I learn on this module?

You will participate in this module as an active, self-directed learner both in university and the workplace. The module will introduce you to and build upon the theories of competency, capability, confidence and role as conceptualised to Advanced Clinical Practice. You will explore these concepts further by applying them to reflections upon your own contextualised experiences in the workplace. This learning will be guided by a competency framework based on your new role into which you will directly apply your learning. You will learn initially through lectures delivered by the module team. Introduction to, and supervision with an allocated a university based Subject Specialist Personal Tutor (SSPT) will be used to support your development and help you to synthesise your academic and practice learning. You will also be allocated an appropriately trained clinical specialist supervisor that will facilitate your learning in your workplace, to further develop your learning from clinical experts in settings relevant to the ACP role. Your clinical supervisor will be experienced in providing mentorship, and will be allocated to you in agreement with your employer. This could be the same clinician as your Clinical Educational Supervisor that you worked with in year one. You will be working alongside clinical experts (typically trained medical professionals and advanced clinical practitioners), utilising their clinical expertise and using them as a resource to assess your learning and development.

How will I be supported academically on this module?

During this module you will be supported in a number of ways. Firstly you will be supported by the module tutor who will guide you through the requirements of the module. The allocation of a SSPT will provide you with academic advice, guide you through the module assignments, and provide individual tutorials, as well as individual progress reports and feedback. They will also be a link with clinical supervisors.
You will have a clinical supervisor whose responsibility it is to ensure that you are supported in practice, have the appropriate experiences to allow you to progress, monitor your progress, and provide individual feedback and sign off your competence documentation. Methods of learning development and assessment include Assessment of Clinical Expertise (ACE or mini ACE) Case-Based Discussions (CBD), Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise (MiniCEX), Directly Observed Practical Skills (DOPS), Electronic Care Records (ECR), Multisource Feedback (MSF) and Acute Care Assessment Tool (ACAT) where appropriate. These are recognised methods of assessment used by medical practitioners and endorsed by a number of medical colleges including the Royal College of General Practitioners. You will be encouraged to share experiences and learning through e-learning portal discussion during this module.
The programme leader will be available to offer support and deal with any programme related issue that may arise.
Should you have any additional or specific learning needs, these can be discussed with the module tutor as and when they arise. If you have an existing disability which affects your learning or may believe you have a disability that impacts upon your ability to learn, you may be eligible to access help from the university student support team. The student support team will liaise with the module tutor to ensure you are offered appropriate support to help you get the most from your studies.

What will I be expected to read on this module?

All modules at Northumbria include a range of reading materials that students are expected to engage with. The reading list for this module can be found at:
(Reading List service online guide for academic staff this containing contact details for the Reading List team –

What will I be expected to achieve?

Knowledge & Understanding:
1. Demonstrate application of a structured approach to the completion of a thorough and concise clinical history and develop mastery of targeted physical examinations.
2. Critically reflect on the clinical decisions and actions that you take in relation to evidenced based literature and medico-legal requirements appropriate to your clinical role.
3. Demonstrate achievement of applied clinical competencies within the practice setting and submit a portfolio of evidence.

Intellectual / Professional skills & abilities:
4. You will demonstrate critical awareness of how knowledge of pathophysiology and pharmacology influence decision making for advanced clinical practice.
5. You will work autonomously as an ACP to evaluate complex care cases, and provide care based on sound clinical evidence.
6. Effectively document findings and develop communication with other members of the multi-disciplinary teams, justifying your clinical decision making.

Personal Values Attributes (Global / Cultural awareness, Ethics, Curiosity) (PVA):
7. You will critically reflect on your learning and its application to your advanced clinical practice.
8. You will critically reflect on your ability to develop competence, capability and confidence as an ACP.

How will I be assessed?

Throughout the module you will receive formative feedback from module tutors, your SSPT, your practice supervisor and any facilitators. Formative feedback will be via supervision and tutorial meetings and this will enable you to identify any your areas of strength and any areas for development. There will be seminar discussion of the underpinning theories of competency development.

You will be expected to submit two elements;

1. Portfolio containing competency framework achievement to include evidence of achievement and a record of practice hours. (LO 1,2,3, 5, 6). Feedback will be given with return of portfolio.

2. A 3500 word written Reflective Evaluation of a case study that explores your approach to care in your role as an ACP. You will be expected to demonstrate critical analysis of the care that you provided, exploring the evidence base and decision making approach that you utilised. (LO 1,2, 4,7, 8). Feedback will be given electronically.


1. Life Sciences and Pharmacology for Advanced Clinical Practice
2. Health History and Examination



Module abstract

The module has been designed to develop and build on the Clinical Practice, Leadership and Management and Education pillars of your advanced clinical practice role. You will explore the concepts of competence, capability, confidence and role and apply them to your personal development and that of the ACP in leading and managing care.. The focus on workplace learning ensures that you have the skills to carry out your advanced clinical practitioner role. You will be supported in practice by peers, practice supervisor, module team to achieve completion of a competence framework designed in collaboration with your employer. eLP discussion boards will be used to share learning and experiences whilst on placement. You will be encouraged and challenged to analyse and reflect upon your practice, utilising contemporary research evidence and demonstrating application whilst continuing to develop your role as an ACP and prospective roles within your organisation.

Course info

Credits 40

Level of Study Postgraduate

Mode of Study 3 years part-time

Department Nursing, Midwifery & Health

Location Coach Lane Campus, Northumbria University

City Newcastle

Start January 2022

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