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Delivered by our team of Graduate Ambassadors, Evolve offers schools and colleges the opportunity to tailor-make a programme of presentations and workshops specific to the needs and interests of their students. All activity is aimed at Year 12 & 13/first & second year of college students.

If you wish to book and your institution is based in the East Midlands, West Midlands, the South West, the East of England,  London or Northern Ireland, please click here.

Our activity is aimed to be interactive and provide ‘hands-on’ learning, supporting students through their sixth form/college studies and their journey to Higher Education.

Activity can be delivered throughout the academic year and is available on and off Northumbria’s campus. All of our activity is delivered free of charge.

To book, please click 'Book Now' at the top of this page, call us on 0191 349 5923, or email

Study and Life Skills

These interactive sessions give students the necessary skills to succeed in sixth form/college and what to expect in their two years of study. It is expected that these sessions will be delivered in the first term of sixth form/college. 

Learning to Succeed (30-45 mins)

Presentation | This session is an informal presentation which looks at how to make the most out of 6th form/college, what they can expect and aspects of goal setting. We strongly recommend this session for first year/Y12 students prior to Christmas.

Aims of the session:

  • To reflect on their journey through GCSEs and moving into Further Education
  • To identify the skills needed to succeed at sixth form
  • To set future goals

Resilience (30 mins)

Presentation | In today's fast-paced world, students need to be equipped with all the necessary skills in which to thrive.


Aims of the session:

  • To teach students to organise their thoughts and introduce the circle of influence.
  • Raise awareness of students' own strengths and weaknesses and promote continuous improvement through moving out of their comfort zone.
  • To develop an optimistic attitude and strength of character.

Take Control (30 mins)

 Workshop | Those who can organise their time, their tasks and their priorities will have a natural advantage.  This workshop helps to create a more work-ready student.

Aims of the session:

  • Ensure students are aware of their priorities
  • Introduce ideas that can support students balance a packed schedule, both academically and socially
  • Highlighting the importance of good planning in life and work.

Intro To The EPQ (45 mins-1hr)

Workshop | Intro to the EPQ is ideal for students looking to undertake an additional qualification. We talk through the benefits of the EPQ and give handy hints and tips for students to utilise. This workshop contains a practical element, in which students can put some of their new research techniques to the test.

Aims of the session:

  • To outline the benefits of doing an EPQ
  • To advise how to choose a topic, and structure a project
  • To work through source material critically and intelligently

Revision (45mins-1hr)

Workshop | In this interactive workshop, students will cover a range of different approaches to revision and analyse what techniques work best for them.


Aims of the session:

  • To identify the most effective methods of learning
  • To introduce effective revision techniques
  • To analyse a good revision timetable

Stand and Deliver (45mins-1hr)

Workshop | A practical session, helping students to develop their presentation skills and knowledge on what makes a good presentation.

Aims of the session:

  • To analyse the key elements of creating a presentation
  • Critically look at examples of a typical presentation and discuss mbest methods of delivery
  • Put presentation skills into practice

Stress Management (30 mins)

Workshop | Students will be introduced to techniques to help them cope with some of the difficulties encountered during their time in the sixth form.

Aims of the session:

  • To look at the signs and symptoms of stress
  • To explore ways of coping with stress
  • To discuss relaxation techniques for exam periods

Interview Skills (45mins-1hr)

Workshop | A skills based workshop, looking at what interviewers are looking for and what makes a good interview. This workshop is useful for students who apply to courses that require interviews, as well as those applying for work.


Aims of the session:

  • To examine how to make the best first impression
  • To look at how to prepare for an interview
  • To examine what candidates should provide in their answers

Critical Thinking (45 mins-1 hour)

Workshop | Our most interactive workshop, which asks students to think critically, perhaps the most vital University skill to have..


Aims of the session:

  • Look at the importance of ideas.
  • Analyse how perspective and preconceptions can affect one's viewpoint.
  • A deep dive into ethics, morality and the notion of evidence.

Exploring HE Options

These sessions are aimed at introducing students to all aspects of the Higher Education research and application process. The majority of these workshops work better before students begin their application for university.

Choosing a Course, Choosing a University (30-45 mins)

Presentation | An overall look at what to consider when choosing a course and a university before applying for Higher Education. The session can be extended in order to briefly touch on the application process and student finance.

Aims of the session:

  • To look at what students can expect by going to university
  • To introduce the main areas of research when choosing a university
  • To provide examples of what students need to research

Why Go To University? (30-45 mins)

 Presentation | This session looks at the advantages of university and to dispel myths students may have about Higher Education.

Aims of the session:

  • To identify myths regarding higher education
  • To break down concerns through discussion and examples
  • To introduce students how to make the most out of university 

Making the Most out of a UCAS Exhibition (20-30 Mins)

Presentation | This quickfire session, generally delivered in the run-up to regional UCAS exhibition, is a perfect introduction to students to a UCAS Exhibition, and how to make it a worthwhile and efficient experience. It is especially popular in an assembly format in the run up to students attending a UCAS exhibition.

Aims of the session:

  •  To explain the purpose and components of a UCAS exhibition
  •  To prepare and give you the necessary tools to make the most out of your time at the UCAS exhibition
  • To outline some vital Dos and Don'ts.

The Application Process

These sessions are aimed at students entering the application process to University, moving through vital sessions on personal statement writing, student finance, as well as results day and the clearing process.

I'm The One That You Want (45mins-1hr)

Presentation | A detailed look at UCAS and the structure of writing a personal statement. This presentation also looks at real good and bad examples of personal statements sent to Northumbria Admissions Selectors.

Aims of the session:

  • To introduce the UCAS application process
  • To look at what makes an effective personal statement
  • To look at what to avoid when writing a personal statement

Finance and Budgeting (45mins-1hr)

Presentation & Activity | Important, up-to-date financial information on student loans followed by an interactive game looking at budgeting and the financial aspect of university life, based on current student statistics. A shorter, 30-minute session, Student Finance Explained, is available too, and we recommend this session for parents and carers of your students.

Aims of the session:

  • To introduce student finance and how to pay for university
  • To look at what current students spend their money on
  • To learn how to save money and to make it last longer

Confirmation and Clearing (30-45 mins)

 Presentation | A formal presentation looking at the clearing and confirmation process and what students should do after receiving their results.

Aims of the session:

  • To look at the UCAS process and what to expect on results day
  • To explain the different ways universities approach the clearing process
  • To address concerns the students may have about confirmation and/or applying through clearing

Student Life at University

These sessions explore various aspects of how to make the most out of university and what opportunities Higher Education can provide. These presentations can benefit students pre or post the application process.

Beyond The Books (45 mins-1hr)

 Presentation | This interactive presentation looks at graduate employability and how university education and extracurricular activities can help enhance students’ career paths.  

Aims of the session:

  • To demonstrate how higher education can boost employability
  • To show options open to graduates when at University (such as placements and study abroad)and post University (such as graduate schemes)
  • To identify where to gain transferable skills at university, and building your CV around these skills 

Making your Mind Up (30 mins)

Workshop | This session asks students to interact with one another and the presenter as they start to make their UCAS choices. Perfect for just after all your students have applied to Universities.


Aims of the session:

  • To encourage students to dig deeper into their chosen courses, and show them how they can do this.
  • Preparing students for potential Applicant Visit Days at their chosen Universities.
  • Getting students to think about their life and study in the University venues they have chosen.

Ask Me Anything (Timings flexible)

Activity | An opportunity for students to anonymously ask questions about university to current or recent university graduates.

Aims of the session:

  • To provide honest answers from a student point of view
  • To give an insight into student life and university education
  • To explore all aspects of university and the application process

Specific Northumbria University Sessions

These sessions are primarily focused on Northumbria University and what it has to offer potential students. It is expected that we only deliver these sessions those who have not yet applied to university.

Choose Northumbria (30-45 mins)

Presentation | A glimpse into life at Northumbria University and why it remains a research-rich, business-focused, professional university with a global reputation for academic quality, located in the UK’s best student city.  

Campus Tour (45-60 mins)

Activity | A tour of Northumbria University City Campus, including Sport Central, Student Central and the library, Student Union and course-specific buildings. Accommodation viewings are dependent on availability and notice given - please click here for more.

Performance Sport at Northumbria (30-45 mins)

Presentation | Northumbria University has a strong sporting history, and has consistently placed Top 10 in the British Universities and Colleges Sport league. Hear direct from one of our Performance Sport team about what it takes to be a performance athlete at Northumbria, and tips on how to balance sport and study. Subject to availability.  

Study Abroad at Northumbria (30 mins)

Presentation | Most of Northumbria's undergraduate courses have a Study Abroad option, allowing students to immerse themselves in another country. An exciting, challenging and rewarding experience, hear from our team about the application process, the benefits of studying abroad, learn about students' experiences and discover our academic partners across the world. Subject to availability.  


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