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NU London Welcome Week and Induction Timetables

Induction information for new students at our London Campus

Welcome to Northumbria University London Campus induction May 2023.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you in person during our Welcome and Induction Week, which begins on Monday 22 May 2023. Your timetable for this week is available by selecting your programme from the list below. 

You will attend the campus on two days. On the first day you will be introduced to the campus including:

  • Who we are and how we will work with you to help you succeed in your studies
  • How you can seek support
  • How to access your learning materials, learning resources, library, e-learning portal and email.
  • How to seek Academic Skills support
  • How to seek Careers, Internship and Employability Support
  • Northumbria Students' Union

Your second day on campus will provide an opportunity for you to learn more about your programme, including:

  • Meet your Programme (Course) Leader and fellow students
  • Understand your programme/course and timetable
  • Understand your modules
  • Understand how you will be taught and assessed
  • Gain essential study skills

If you are unable to attend the Welcome and Induction events, please contact us as soon as possible. We will then work with you to determine your arrival date and how we will support you in the UK.

To find your Induction Timetable, please select your programme from the list below.



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