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Amy Claire Tindle

Nursing Studies

Where are you from?


Why did you choose Northumbria University, Newcastle?

Because it has one of the best nursing degree programmes in the UK, its only a 30 minute drive from where I live, and I wanted to make friends who were from up this way.

What do you think of Newcastle and our region and what are your favourite things to do?

Of course theres the nightlife, but being a mature student i prefer the quieter things. Simonside hills, the cheviots, druridge bay, the fantastic castles and the countryside.

What has surprised you most about living in Newcastle and this region? What has impressed you most?

I have lived near newcastle for 11 years, and I've always been impressed about the community spirit and the beauty of the surroundings. Plus Geordies are the friendliest people ever!

Did you find Northumbria University welcoming? Was it easy to fit in?

The interview process, open day and induction week were brilliant. Everything was explained in detail and feel like I've been there for years and its only been 7 months.

What have you enjoyed most about coming to Northumbria University?

Meeting new friends, the professionalism and student support.

Who has helped you most since you came to Northumbria?

My peers have been my greatest support but also my guidance tutor and programme leader are there whenever we need them.

Who has inspired you most at Northumbria University?

Jackie Robertson, one of the ld tutors is amazing. and one day i want to be as good a nurse as she is.

What is your favourite place on campus?

The Café!

Have you joined any sports teams, clubs or been involved in any volunteer projects? Tells us about the highlights?

I've joined the coach lane gym which has great opening hours and friendly staff.

What is the best thing about your course?

The practicals as northumbria uni has amazing lifelike mannequins that can simulate real episodes, the equipment for nursing scenarios is brilliant too.

What are the most valuable lessons you have learnt to date?

Talk to your tutor, don't sweep thing under the carpet. If your not coping then speak out.

What do you want to do in the future? What skills have you learned/improved that you think will be of most use in your future career?

I want to be the best LD nurse that patients remember for the right reasons. My communication skills have really improved and learning to be totally professional to and not showing your feelings towards some people you may care for who don't have very good backgrounds.

Have you worked on any projects with businesses or been on a placement? What were your most memorable experiences?

I have been on placements and its totally different to being at uni in lectures. My most memorable experience was a patient calling me trolley dolly!

Have you taken up any opportunities to travel with your current course/undertake field trips? If so, please tell us about them.

So far i haven't been on any trips but in the future would like to attend the positive choices workshop.

If you could offer some advice to students thinking of coming to study here what would you say?

Be prepared, its not easy......make time for uni and the huge amount of self directed study needed. Money will be short but you have to make do. Become self sufficient and organised.. but most of all enjoy it!

How do you feel you have changed as a person since being at Northumbria University, Newcastle (e.g. confidence)?

I am definitely more confident, walking onto wards where you know no one and explaining who you are etc. I have become more organised with my family/uni life and try not to stretch myself to thin...

If you had 3 words to sum up your time with us what would they be?

Hard. Stressful. Great.

Would you recommend Northumbria University to a friend?


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