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Student Inclusion Consultants

Equality of opportunity for our Northumbria students is a core principle of the University’s work. We are committed to working in partnership with our students to achieve an inclusive experience for all, learning from the ‘experts’ in the current student experience and addressing barriers to student success where these are identified.

Student Equality & Engagement (SEE) schemes offer a variety of opportunities for staff and students to work collaboratively and constructively towards enhancing student success, particularly for our underrepresented students.

The Student Inclusion Team are launching a number of projects over the coming months to engage students across a range of our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion activities. Please see below for more information on how to get involved.

Our Student Inclusion Consultants work with staff and peers to enhance equality, diversity and inclusion within Northumbria's student experience. Our Consultants have lived experience, or a strong understanding, of the barriers that underrepresented students may face whilst at University with an interest in improving the student experience for others. They can engage with the scheme in the following ways:

Student Inclusion Reviews

Work with staff from across the University to review an element of practice to enhance our inclusivity. Examples could include looking at marketing materials, Blackboard sites, Library activities or even recruitment processes for schemes such as this one.


Content Development

Develop or review appropriate content with a student inclusion lens. This could be imagery, written or video content that can be used across various platforms.


Inclusive Reciprocal Insight Scheme

You could be paired with a University staff member to share your insights and support them in developing their understanding of the current lived student experience of our underrepresented students.


Scholarship Opportunities

Work with academic colleagues and contribute to staff development through engaging with relevant literature and providing an evidence-based insight into the current lived experience of our underrepresented students.

The deadline for 2021/22 applications has now closed. If you're interested in being considered for future Student Inclusion Consultant opportunities please email






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Tel: 01912274127


Current students can enquire via their student portal.

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