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Northumbria University Interview Code of Conduct

At Northumbria University we want you to get the most out of your interview experience and aim to provide an environment in which you can perform at your best. Your interview is your opportunity to convince the Admissions Selectors that you should be offered a place on the course, and it's also your opportunity to find out as much about the course and the university as you can. 

This code of conduct has been given to you as it describes the behaviour we expect of all candidates . Please read it carefully and help staff conducting the interview provide the best possible conditions for all of our applicants.

What should I do if I cannot attend the interview?

Please let the admissions office know at least a week in advance if you cannot attend. If you require an alternative interview date we can arrange this for you but as our interview dates fill very quickly you will have a wider range of dates to choose from if you can let us know as soon as possible if you cannot attend. 

Planning your travel to the University

The University has two campuses, one in Newcastle City Centre and one at Coach Lane, approximately three miles east of the City Centre. Make sure you know at which campus and in which building your interview is being held. These details can be found in your interview letter. It only takes a moment to check them, and we do not want you ending up in the wrong place!

Why is it important that I am on time?

We want you to get the best out of your interview with us, so it is important that you arrive on time so you don't miss any important information. Why not plan your journey in advance? If you are travelling by public transport, make sure you know the timetables of buses and trains, and the locations, if needed, of bus stops or car parks. Check the traffic reports on radio or the web to see if there are any traffic problems. If, on the day of the day of the interview you encounter unexpected delays, then contact us to let us know. Put the number of the Admissions Office in your mobile phone so you always have it with you.

What documentation do I need to bring with me?

If you have been asked to bring any documentation with you to your interview, it is because staff in the University need to see it. Whether it’s a portfolio of art work, your educational certificates, or photographic identification, make sure you have everything you’ve been asked to bring with you before you start your journey. You might find it useful to make a checklist. You should also remember to take home all the personal documentation you bring with you. The University cannot be responsible for documents you may lose or misplace while on University premises.

Mobile phone code of conduct

Please remember to switch your phone off or into silent mode when you arrive for your interview.

Am I able to bring guests with me?

While parents/guardians or other guests are welcome to come with you to the University, they will not be allowed to accompany you into the interview. 

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