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AI, Design & Co-Creation

AI is increasingly becoming a technology of interest for design– whether it be communication, fashion, graphic, interaction, interior, product and/or service design. There is a growing call for research that investigates:

  1. The use of AI as a tool and resource in design processes & practices
  2. The codesign of AI technologies and their use within spaces where design processes are implemented (e.g. service design in the healthcare system)
  3. The potential futures of societies and worlds where AI is increasingly ubiquitous

We are interested in conducting research related to: 

The use of AI within design processes & practices 

AI is changing the design landscape raising questions regarding how designers may use AI tools as part of their design processes and what skills and resources are needed for designers to leverage AI within their practice. How can Designers partner with AIs to create content? How can they embed AI in the things they produce? How will the use of AI tools within design will impact design studios’ workplace cultures and the overall market demand for designers?

The codesign of AI technologies

AI driven technologies seem likely to be used within every aspect of our societies and world. This raises the possibility, indeed necessity, of exploring how AI technologies may be co-designed with and used by citizens, communities and organisations to unlock opportunities and meet their respective ambitions and aspirations. There is also a growing interest in how such codesign processes may embed values (e.g. social justice) within the design of AI technologies. In addition, there is an interest in how citizens, communities and organisations may use different AI technologies to shape the context, environment, world and wider society they are situated in.  

The future of AI within our societies and world 

It is clear that AI will have massive effects on the future. Here, there is an interest in using design as a means to explore how multiple and differing futures might play out as AI’s potential is further developed and explored. Speculative design and Design Fictions may provide a useful way to critically explore such futures.

We encourage research that draws on Critical design, Feminist design, More-than-human design, Participatory design and Speculative design, as well as Research through Design and/or ethnographic, creative and participatory research approaches. 


  • Professor Bill Gaver
  • Dr Reem Talhouk

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  • Cultural and Creative Industries
  • Computerised Society & Digital Citizens

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